Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress comes at right time, right place – LA Times

In my view this op-ed article in the LA Times is a must-read. The author is Yuli Edelstein, the speaker of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset. Check it out!

via Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress comes at right time, right place – LA Times.

For me, this article provides a compelling case but please form your own opinion.

I worry at the extent to which Obama‘s government has tried to muddy the waters on this issue.


Opinion – The end of the British establishment – – John Gelmini

The British Establishment are very much in evidence and more powerful than ever. The analysis that Dr Alf has brought us via the Financial Times appears to be accurate but is in fact deeply flawed.

The UK is two separate countries each with its own flag, rulers, police force and influence.

The first of these is the City of London, an entity largely controlled by Lord Rothschild, representing the Square Mile and the Temple, which is a real temple created by the Knights Templars. This apparently controls the “Club of Isles”, which is the old British Empire but with indirect rule through hench-persons and placemen, who report directly to the Queen or through her governors general, in the case of places like Canada every square inch of which is allegedly owned by the Queen through a series of interlocking trusts. The same applies to Manhattan Island and to Australia, plus all of Kentucky.

The second UK is an overcrowded country, with most of its money taken offshore, which is overpopulated and has most of its laws made in Europe and is effectively controlled by the Vatican.

The opinions of the UK population are of little consequence to the first country and of very little to those who exercise real control and since ancient times have been able to behave just as they wish as evidenced by the inaction on tax avoidance, abuse scandals, sex scandals and financial scandals.

Politicians are allegedly selected for high office in advance by the Bilderberg Group and the Committee of 300 and it is they who decide on matters of peace, war, depression, interest rates, off-shoring to the Far East, transport policy and social trends.

The UK public are little more than serfs behaving like sheep which is apt because it is Chinese New Year and thus the “Year of the Sheep”.


John Gelmini


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