Opinion – Ready for Take-Off: China Steers Course Between Prestige and Profit – SPIEGEL ONLINE – John Gelmini

Shanghai Pudong Skyline

Shanghai Pudong Skyline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think Dr Alf will hope in vain because Western newspapers and media outlets, like the BBC, churn out propaganda at an alarming rate, and seem disinterested in evidence-based reporting about China or countries outside the Western orbit.

For instance, how many people in the West are aware that China is teaching 650 million people English in a joint venture with Carnegie Mellon to produce IT experts and software programmers?

All the training is in American English and no Mandarin is allowed to be spoken during the course of a gruelling day that is a lot longer than 8 hours.

Most people have not heard of China Merchants Group nor its two co-competitors. The first is a small insignificant Lloyds broker, the second is part of a warehousing and shipping group. Price Waterhouse Coopers are grooming China Merchants Group, which will become the biggest insurer in the world and the other two will not be far behind.

The developments in aviation, car manufacturing and railways that Spiegel Online writes about are part of a pattern of development which will eventually lead to profit and prestige but you will not hear anything about it on the BBC, the Guardian nor any of the Murdoch titles. What you get from there is the sort of triumphalist nonsense that James Rubin wrote about yesterday which essentially said that America would remain light years ahead of every other country in the world. Probably there were people in ancient Rome who thought that way and people in ancient Greece, Atlantis, Lemuria and the Austro Hungarian empire who thought that they too would always remain top dog. All these empires are now as dust, along with the empires of Japan, Kublai Khan, Persia and the Ottoman Turks under the Sultan.

Everything in the universe and in this world operates in cycles with a beginning, a rise to prominence, a decline and then oblivion, followed by the work of archaeologists and historians to look into the past to see what these empires were like and how they were ruled.

China with it’s present economic difficulties is in the “rise to prominence ” stage of the cycle and has a long way to go. It will succeed in getting there and at least Spiegel Online will accurately report upon the journey as it does with Teutonic thoroughness on everything else.

In the UK, and probably in America as well, the reporting will be sanitised pap designed for a person with a reading age of between 6 and 9 years, interspersed with speculation and in the case of the BBC bias, obfuscation, supposition and the rantings left-wing reporters.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Turkey accuses BBC of ‘openly supporting terrorism’ – POLITICS – Hurriyet Daily News

This is an important news story from Turkey‘s leading news agency, Hurriyet. It’s a recommended read.

via Turkey accuses BBC of ‘openly supporting terrorism’ – POLITICS.

It’s quite something when the foreign minister of NATO ally accuses the UK’s state-funded BBC of blantent bias and double-standards.

Bias at the BBC is not new. It’s seems inflitrated with an increasingly left-wing hard-core. Proper reporting of the news seems to be over-ruled by highly paid political editors who doctor the headlines. Have you ever noticed that BBC articles frequently have a headline that does not dovestail with the content of the article?

There was once upon a time an era when the BBC represented the gold-standard in objective and honest reporting. All over the world people used to listen to the BBC’s World Service – it used to represent truth, integrity and liberty?

It’s one thing that the BBC has become perhaps tarnished, shabby and perhaps even grubby? But it’s another that the BBC still receives a massive subsidy from UK tax-payers. In times of austerity, there is no place for hand-outs to the BBC. The are many more pressing causes, like defense and healthcare.

Let me ask an open question:

Why is David Cameron’s government not ready to cut the BBC subsidy?



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