A Blogger’s Holiday


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Regular readers will have noticed that the Dr Alf’s Blog has been inactive for a week. The reason is that I’m on holiday in South East Asia.

My blogging activities are currently largely restricted to travel and are to be found in my sister blog Discover the Orient.

Meanwhile, I’m relying on John Gelmini to keep an eye on the mainstream news and hopefully I’ll be able to publish a few topical blogs, which will no doubt draw some feedback from John.

Not only China’s wealthy want to study in America – LA Times

This is an amazing must-read article from the LA Times. The article describes how three months before the gaokao , China’s all-or-nothing college entrance exam that can determine whether students become cashiers or CEOs, Kenny Fu was having second thoughts.

Source: Not only China’s wealthy want to study in America – LA Times

This story once again highlights the amazing drive, determination and tenacity of the Chinese people.

Now a US education is within the sites of ordinary middle class Chinese living in mainland China. Articles on Chinese studying in America are amongst the most-read in China’s main newspapers too.

My colleague John Gelmini would regard this as part of China’s swarming out program. But why are the Chinese targeting California and not Germany for example?



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