Reforming the Professional Interim and Independent Consultant Supply Chain Model?


Looking back, this is worth a read. It’s one of my most popular blogs.

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This week, I have,  somewhat belatedly, carefully read the  House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts (“PAC”) report entitled “Central government’s use of consultants and interims” (“the PAC report”) dated December 14 2010. This followed a visit to the Cabinet Office with my colleague Tony Colwell and numerous conversations with fellow interims and intermediaries.

This blog is primarily focused on the Public Sector but there is no reason why the views are not generalizable across the whole supply chain.

The invitation to the Cabinet Office came indirectly from the Rt. Hon. Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office & Paymaster General following receipt of a copy of my Catch 22 White Paper from my MP, Don Foster. Francis Maude replied to the Don Foster:

 “To ensure value is both improved and sustained, work is currently underway to develop a new strategy to centralize and simplify how Departments buy common types…

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The Death of the Interim Management Industry? – Part 1


Looking back, this is worth a read. It’s one of my most popular blogs.

Originally posted on Dr Alf's Blog:

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A professional colleague recently brought to my attention that the UK Government Procurement Service (GPS) had recently announced the suppliers for the First Phase of ConsultancyONE, featuring the usual big name consulting firms.

Does this announcement effectively exclude professional interim managers and suppliers of interim managers from offering their services to the Public Sector?

Two or three years ago, I and a close number of professional colleagues saw the writing on the wall with David Cameron‘s Coalition Government which was hostile to professional interims and favored the big consulting firms that so often have failed to deliver effective value for money to the Public Sector.  A few of us tried to form an embryo political action committee (PAC) and take the case to the Cabinet Office. We visited our members’ of Parliament who wrote to Francis…

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