Three Stage Survival Guide for the Independent Professional Executive, Consultant or Specialist


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The SWOT-landscape systematically deploys the ...

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Some found my blog last week entitled “Interim Management:  Ten Emerging Trends and Outlook for the Future” a bit scary and I agreed to reflect on offering a few tips for survival.

To quickly recap on my conclusion from last week:

My worst case scenario would see a circa 50% contraction from 2007, expressed in numbers of professional interims, ISP consultants and SME ISPs.

Regrettably, I would classify all interims and ISP consultants who are not economically viable as casualties.

For sure, these are truly scary times for many but there is a rational or logical way forward for the independent professional and I am including interim executives, consultants and other subject matter experts.

Firstly, let me introduce my proposed three stage survival guide. It’s designed to try to eliminate fear by focusing on one of the three survival stages at a time. The three stages are quite…

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Welcome to my blog! Let me introduce myself, I am Alf and widely known as Dr Alf! I am passionate about People, Networking, Politics and Travel.

In 2011, a number of important things happened to me. Firstly, in February I started blogging. Secondly I became rather angry withpolitical leaders and started sharing my views on political news. Thirdly I grew tired of my twenty year career as an independent consultant. So my fourth action was to draw the line and retire from mainstream professional life. This culminated in the fifth decision to leave the UK, base myself in Cyprus with my wife and to travel extensively for a number of years. My wife and I are now in the process of re-inventing ourselves, travelling and writing.

Here is a quick bio recap.

Expert in delivering strategic change – former clients included UNESCO, multi-nationals & government departments. Executive, Consultant, Coach, Researcher & Author. Retired mainstream but still happy to share expertise.

Prior to becoming independent, I had a successful board level career in financial & general management in major multi-nationals. Professionally, I am a Chartered Accountant and a Doctor of Business Administration. I have published two books, sold Worldwide and a number of journal articles.

The purpose of this blog is to share my views and perspectives on the subjects that are of  passionate interest to me. It is hoped that the blog will broadly encourage greater reflection and insight. The blog will use a mix of original and secondary material frequently just adding my two cents worth to a major news story.

In 2012, I introduced two specialized blogs: (1) Taking the Slow Road to Cyprus ; and (2) Discover the Orient.

I hope that you enjoy my blogs and would very much welcome  your feedback and suggestions for improvement


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