Advanced Viral Marketing for Professional Interims: Importance of the Interim & Provider Catch-Up Meeting


Looking back, this is worth a read. It’s one of our most popular blogs

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This is Alf’s third blog related to interim management. In the first blog, Alf shared with our “virtual” aspiring Interim Manager that he (Alf) had four searching questions for him/her and suggested that he/she reflect carefully and come back and see Alf again in a month.
As explained in the first blog, Alf has over twenty years experience as an Independent Interim Executive and is often asked for some tips by new entrants to the industry.
Alf planned to run a series of related blogs on and around this theme. So to make it easier to read, Alf adopted two actors:

  1. “Virtually” – Virtually is an old sage of an Interim Manager, with lots of scars, war-stories, anecdotes, and knows absolutely everybody in the industry.
  2. “Friendly” – Friendly is our aspiring Interim Manager. Friendly is serious about becoming an Interim Manager but does not want to make…

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Three Stage Survival Guide for the Independent Professional Executive, Consultant or Specialist


Looking back, this is worth a read. It’s one of our most popular blogs

Originally posted on Dr Alf's Blog:

The SWOT-landscape systematically deploys the ...

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Some found my blog last week entitled “Interim Management:  Ten Emerging Trends and Outlook for the Future” a bit scary and I agreed to reflect on offering a few tips for survival.

To quickly recap on my conclusion from last week:

My worst case scenario would see a circa 50% contraction from 2007, expressed in numbers of professional interims, ISP consultants and SME ISPs.

Regrettably, I would classify all interims and ISP consultants who are not economically viable as casualties.

For sure, these are truly scary times for many but there is a rational or logical way forward for the independent professional and I am including interim executives, consultants and other subject matter experts.

Firstly, let me introduce my proposed three stage survival guide. It’s designed to try to eliminate fear by focusing on one of the three survival stages at a time. The three stages are quite…

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