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Dr Alf is right. I watched the Andrew Marr Show, in which Marr, a Guardianista to his fingertips, tried to let Ed Miliband over-talk Boris Johnson.

The point by Boris about Ed Miliband doing his brother down, “Not by seeing David Miliband turning up at A&E with a bloodied dagger in his back” made the point forcefully, and poetically – then when turning to Miliband’s proposed rent controls, Boris mentioned Germany, New York and the places that had tried them followed by the Roman Emperor Diocletian. This made the policy look very old, unsuccessful and mean spirited.

I’m afraid Boris Johnson should have been made the Conservative Party leader more than a year ago and the lack-lustre Cameron given his marching orders but it will now be a case of better late than never and keeping one’s fingers crossed that Paddy Power, who predict a Conservative win, are right.

Like Dr Alf, I believe that unleashing Boris as an ‘attack-dog’ will make a significant difference – he’s an immensely charismatic, popular and respected leader.

John Gelmini

As a German, I’m amazed at this election. You obsess over selfies but ignore big issues like Europe | Politics | The Guardian

This is an outstanding must-read article, published in the Guardian. The author is Alan Posener,  a correspondent and commentator for Die Welt and Welt am Sonntag in Berlin. Check it out!

via As a German, I’m amazed at this election. You obsess over selfies but ignore big issues like Europe | Politics | The Guardian.

This was not one of the regular biased, left-wing articles from the Guardian.

The article by Posener was well researched, reflective, reasonable and made powerful new points. Read it for yourself.

For me, the article highlighted the polarized positions of the UK media. Sadly, much of the UK media seems to have an editorial bias applied, whatever the evidence.

Perhaps, it is time to increasingly reflect on what the foreign media is saying about the UK election 2015? For my part, I shall keep an eye out for original foreign reporting on the UK election.



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