Opinion – Shock toll of 5-minute care visits: Hundreds of thousands of elderly suffer ‘drive-bys’ as stretched councils tell staff not to waste time making conversation | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

This article via Dr Alf starts from the false premise that the UK ever was a “caring society”.

I am old enough to remember countless elderly people being bullied into signing over their homes by their children and then being put into homes where they typically died within 3 years. My former neighbour’s elderly mother, an Irishwoman, was put into the old Fairfield Hospital in Arlesey, Bedfordshire, when I was a boy of 10. That hospital was originally a lunatic asylum built in Victorian Times. The old woman deteriorated, became depressed and then went mad and within 2 years was dead. My late mother and father were her only visitors before the body was taken by the local funeral director.

Today local authorities, with less than 32% worker productivity and wasteful working practices, continue to mismanage Adult Social Care and are now creating Ebay style auctions to lower care costs, which give rise to 15 minute and now 5 minute care visits.

People wishing to improve care quality really ought to do it themselves, as my sister and I did for my late father whilst working wherever possible and local authorities need to reduce in number to 15 for the whole of the UK with no districts, boroughs, City Councils, mid county councils and unitary authorities. Until I see this level of reform and cost cutting in local authorities, the Government should challenge this bogus narrative of “savage cuts”and take local authorities and the trades unions to task and impose meaningful reform on them.

John Gelmini

With his bung to pensioners, George Osborne is stoking intergenerational war – Telegraph

Rather than George Osborne, I fear that it is the media that is likely to stir inter-generational war. This article published by the Telegraph is an example. Check it out!

via With his bung to pensioners, George Osborne is stoking intergenerational war – Telegraph.

I rarely come to the aid of George Osborne but on this occasion, he is right. I heard him defend this point on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning. Essentially, Osborne said that the monetary policy and mortgage guarantees had done a lot for young people, so he felt that it was equitable to help elderly savers.

Increasingly, elderly people are being squeezed in the UK, despite most having paid taxes all their lives:

  • Falling medical standards
  • Unavailability of latest medication, especially for cancer treatment
  • Collapsing public care standards
  • Low returns on savings because of monetary policy
  • Inadequate pensions because of the policies of the last Labour government

So far, the elderly are not as angry as in Japan, but it time to recognize that although they have worked and paid taxes, society is now trying to abandon them to an early death.




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