Universal Credit Stuck In The Slow Lane As Government Told Roll-Out Plans ‘Not Credible’ | Welfare Weekly

According to this article, the UK Government has been told plans to fully roll-out Universal Credit within five years are not “credible”.

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English: A flow-chart of the procedure for passing a bill through the British Parliament. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Source: Universal Credit Stuck In The Slow Lane As Government Told Roll-Out Plans ‘Not Credible’ | Welfare Weekly

Universal Credit is an ambitious program to rationalize the benefit system, reducing transaction costs and saving millions of pounds.

Unfortunately, the ambitious plan has run into both political and delivery challenges.

There is widespread opinion that the benefit syatem is broken and seriously abused, which justifies radical change.

However, as ther article points out, the government’s policies are a bit flaky in places, without detailed research evidence.

Let me ask an open question:

Should the universal credit program be scrapped, modified or replaced?


Opinion – Death rate is rising for middle-aged white Americans – MarketWatch – John Gelmini

Obama has presided over a series of decisions which have impoverished middle-class Americans, with no credible plans to address the effects of automation, AI, nanotechnology, robotics, cybernetics, 3D printing, outsourcing and offshoring.

Dr Alf has identified with forensic precision the continued failures of this vain and capricious man, who through NLP and subterfuge, tricked his way into the White House, by pretending to offer “hope and change”.

It is well-known that Obama has not improved the lot of America’s blacks but is now quite shocking how America’s whites have suffered too – this not opinion, it’s evidence-based.

Donald Trump has tapped into the mood of disillusionment that people feel but others by simply turning to drink, drugs and comfort-eating have lost help and are intent on killing themselves through self-indulgence.

In the end, Obama will ride off into the sunset, with his plutocratic friends on his golf buggy and get richer by the second, whilst too many of his countrymen will have to live with his incompetence until the day they die.

Look around you, surely you agree that the world is a more dangerous place because of Obama’s foreign policy blunders?

Wake-up America! There’s an alternative to the Obama legacy.

John Gelmini


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