Windows 10 – First thoughts

Although I have a high speed internet connection, the Windows 10 installation took longer than I was expecting.

My first thoughts are that the user interface is more focused than Windows 9, where there was too much irrelevant material on the screen. Windows 10 knows what I like and what I use, so the apps. are more readily available.

There’s a brand new browser for Windows 10, called Microsoft Edge. The pitch is that it’s made for writing, reading and researching. I’m a serious fan of Google Chrome and it will take a lot for me to change browsers.

I’ll update further as I start to use Windows 10 day-to-day.


#WalterPalamer – Twitter Hash – US Dentist killed semi-tame & famous lion

Check out the social media coverage on this viral story of the overweight American dentist who killed a semi-tame and famous lion with a cross-bow. The wounded animal survived for two days before it was eventually shot. Then it was skinned and beheaded as a trophy for Palmer.



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