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Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Detail of the Magna Carta monument at Runnymed...

Detail of the Magna Carta monument at Runnymede. I took this photo some time in the early Eighties. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

……..This is a thoughtful and worrying read from the FT. Check it out!

via The end of the British establishment –

The lengthy article concludes that it’s time for the British establishment to move aside, with society increasingly removed from politics. There are some wonderful lines, like ‘Labour and the Conservatives’ chasing voters to the left and right’ respectively. The article ranges back eight-hundred years to the Magna Carta and forward to the UK enfeebled foreign policy under David Cameron – cuts to the UK defense budget render the UK’s special relationship with the US ineffective.

One get the impression that the Conservatives are the party of the South of England and Labour is the Party of the North, with the SNP increasingly ruling Scotland. There are references to the Conservative Party manifesto being drafted by former Etonians, like David Cameron.

I particularly like the statistics on how UK people’s trust in banks has disappeared – in thirty years, it has moved from a vast majority trusting to vast minority distrusting. With interest rates about to go up, finance still not available for small businesses and high levels of public and private debt, this is all deeply worrying.

There seems to be a realization that two party politics in the UK is now finished and the UK must look towards European style coalitions.

Another theme is the divided society, between the rich and privileged and ordinary people. Then there’s the divide between North and South.

It looks like the UK electorate will once again not chose the next government – without an overall majority, it will be another coalition, with policies removed from democratic selection. Of course, we might see a minority government, which would form different grubby coalitions on every vote.





Opinion – African-Americans carry more student debt than whites – MarketWatch – John Gelmini

English: African American Family 20th or 21st ...

English: African American Family 20th or 21st century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much of American student debt is not collected and at least 50% of UK student debt is being paid for by the taxpayer.
Thus these African American students are taking a smaller risk than Dr Alf might think.

The elimination of jobs through technology will see 50% of American jobs reduced by 2033, based on comments made by Eric Schmidt of Google in June 2013, thus these African American students will need to be well qualified to compete in a smaller jobs market and be positioned to start their own enterprises.

They will need language skills as well, including Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese and some other relevant language by the time they graduate.

John Gelmini


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