€5.5 billion for sustainable growth in Spain – European Commission

European flag outside the Commission

European flag outside the Commission (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting read from the European Commission.  Check it out!

via €5.5 billion for sustainable growth in Spain – European Commission.

Whilst I am delighted to see the European Commission investing €5.5 billion in Spain,  I’m not convinced of the wisdom of targeting sustainable growth. This seems a bit like chasing the holy grail?

Surely, there are more strategic programs that would reduce dependency on imported energy or would generate additional jobs for young people?

It looks to me like environmental considerations are given priority over economic growth and strategic considerations? Also why is Spain given priority over other countries?

For example, what about a gas pipeline linking the East Mediterranean gas fields in Israel and Cyprus to the European mainland in Greece?


Opinion – Unpaid internships: Support beams for the glass floor | Brookings Institution – John Gelmini

English: Chapel of Eton College, Eton, England

English: Chapel of Eton College, Eton, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right to be angry about unpaid internships.

Unpaid internships should be illegal – full stop.

The problem of privately educated children, sharp elbowed parents and the UK class system will not change for hundreds of years, despite people pretending that the UK is a meritocracy.

It will not change in Europe either, so only in America, which is more egalitarian, will we see real change at pace. Even then, money confers advantages in that country, so overall I see lots of fine talk but sadly little change.

John Gelmini


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