Ferguson riots show US racial tensions in black and white – The Times of India

The title of this Times of India attracted my attention. The article is worth a read. Check it out!

via Ferguson riots show US racial tensions in black and white – The Times of India.

Firstly, let me state that the killing of Michael Brown was a tragedy by any standard.

Whilst I agree that there are still enormous racial challenges and indeed inequalities, I fear that position of the TOI was verging on inflammatory.

There are enormous Indian communities in the US. Indian students want to go to study in the US in order to work in the US after their education. Surely, if so many Indians prefer the US, the racial inequality as suggested by the TOI can’t be that bad?

TOI Building, Mumbai

TOI Building, Mumbai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Comment: Kruger Park to Move 500 Rhinos to Save Species from Extermination – News Watch -John Gelmini

Gray wolf endangered species sheet

Gray wolf endangered species sheet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The answer to Dr Alf’s open questions


Q1) Is the South African Government really tough enough on convicted poachers?

A1) No!

Q2) What measures should governments around the world take to ban the sale of animal products of endangered species, including criminal penalties?

A2) Imprisonment and massive fines for convicted poachers and those who finance them, plus education for everyone else about the dangers of upsetting the balance of nature (Rhinos and all other creatures are part of an integrated system constructed by creative intelligence; disrupting that system has consequences which cannot be foreseen)

Q3) Is there a role for international agencies to protect endangered species?

A3) Yes and the directors of those organisations need to be part of the process of education which has to focus on children so that the nonsense we see today is not repeated by them as part of protecting their legacy.

We then to look at sensible population control of ourselves so that there are not so many of us that we have to build on every square inch of the planet at the expense of every other creature that lives here.

With technology and robots, AI and a more equitable approach to distribution we could ensure that older generations did not need large families to look after them or to be taxpayers in quite the same numbers as is the case now.

John Gelmini



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