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I tend to agree with Dr Alf. The people of Hong Kong have never had it so good and the protests about the Chinese Government drawing up shortlists of candidates for the post of Hong Kong Chief Executive are manifest nonsense.

When Americans vote for President, do they really imagine that they are choosing the candidates?

The reality is that those persons who are to become candidates are pre-selected by the Bilderberg Group and then the American electorate chooses from that group of selected candidates.

Out of forty-four American Presidents, thirty-four of them are related to just two people, namely Alfred the Great and Chalemagne!

The same happens in the UK and in all Western European countries, so we have David Cameron, Miliband and Clegg plus Simon Hughes, Ed Balls and George Osborne, as Bilderbergers, and from those three, candidates will be put forward.

Bilderbergers meet in secret once a year, this year it was in Copenhagen;last year, it was at the Grove Hotel, Watford, UK.

Normally, there are under 150 attendees, and the proceedings are held in conditions of absolute secrecy, with the entire cost being picked up by taxpayers, who have no say in which people are selected as candidates nor in any decisions which are made about peace, war, the economy, financial markets or environmental matters.

The students in Hong Kong and those winding them up into a frenzy of righteous indignation need to understand that their right to choose is no more and no less the same as ours.

They have had their fun but now the tradespeople and small businesses they have disrupted need to get back to work and the grandstanding and disruption of that great city needs to stop.

John Gelmini

Ed Balls: the 21st-century Harold Macmillan | John Rentoul | Independent Eagle Eye Blogs

BBC Politics journalist Andrew Marr on the red...

BBC Politics journalist Andrew Marr on the red carpet at the BAFTA Awards, held at the Royal Festival Hall, on the Southbank in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ed Balls

Ed Balls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is an excellent MUST-READ blog from John Rentoul, published by the Independent. It’s a transcript of Ed Balls interview, this morning, on the Andrew Marr show. Check it out!


Ed Balls: the 21st-century Harold Macmillan | John Rentoul | Independent Eagle Eye Blogs.


Personally, although I have always been a lifelong conservative, I identify with Ed Balls here.


Any thoughts?



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