Opinion – Vladimir Putin against the new Carthaginian civilization – English pravda.ru – John Gelmini

Dr Alf asks if democracy is a “spent force” and whether oligarchs and their cronies control Western Society as PRAVDA.RU asserts.

Whilst democracy is not a completely spent force, it is true that the rich and powerful decide whether we are at peace or war, the state of the economy, the uneven distribution of wealth which gets worse by the month and access to justice (they have a lot of access and the little person is priced out of the equation). Bilderbergers, meeting in secret once a year, decide who we will vote for and who will lead each opposition party and in what role. Thus David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Nick Clegg, Paddy Ashdown, George Osborne, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Simon Hughes are all Bilderbergers.

Prince Philip often attends, as he is one as well, and in other Groupings such as the Club of Rome, the Club of Budapest, Bohemian Grove in California, the Committee of 300, the Committee of 500, the Grand Druid Council, the Knights of Malta, the Sun Society, policies for the world are carefully shaped.

The Club of Isles controls the supply of food, oil and raw materials and energy and out of 44 American Presidents all but 10 have been related to just 2 people, Alfred the Great and Charlemagne.

What we have is the semblance of democracy but the reality is that what we have is an illusion.

Occasionally, people flex their muscles as is happening over UKIP and Europe but on the essential issues and matters like gay marriage, hanging, the approach to militant Islam and green issues /Climate change the public are ignored, marginalized and where necessary rubbished.

Russia is not really a democracy either and Vladimir Putin is allegedly worth £32 billion gbp, which suggests that in the oligarch stakes, he is right up there, along with those who have chosen to exile themselves and their wives, girlfriends and mistresses in the UK, in places like Totteridge and Hampstead.

John Gelmini

Opinion – How long can HK keep on squandering? – People’s Daily Online – John Gelmini

I tend to agree with Dr Alf. The people of Hong Kong have never had it so good and the protests about the Chinese Government drawing up shortlists of candidates for the post of Hong Kong Chief Executive are manifest nonsense.

When Americans vote for President, do they really imagine that they are choosing the candidates?

The reality is that those persons who are to become candidates are pre-selected by the Bilderberg Group and then the American electorate chooses from that group of selected candidates.

Out of forty-four American Presidents, thirty-four of them are related to just two people, namely Alfred the Great and Chalemagne!

The same happens in the UK and in all Western European countries, so we have David Cameron, Miliband and Clegg plus Simon Hughes, Ed Balls and George Osborne, as Bilderbergers, and from those three, candidates will be put forward.

Bilderbergers meet in secret once a year, this year it was in Copenhagen;last year, it was at the Grove Hotel, Watford, UK.

Normally, there are under 150 attendees, and the proceedings are held in conditions of absolute secrecy, with the entire cost being picked up by taxpayers, who have no say in which people are selected as candidates nor in any decisions which are made about peace, war, the economy, financial markets or environmental matters.

The students in Hong Kong and those winding them up into a frenzy of righteous indignation need to understand that their right to choose is no more and no less the same as ours.

They have had their fun but now the tradespeople and small businesses they have disrupted need to get back to work and the grandstanding and disruption of that great city needs to stop.

John Gelmini


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