Charlemagne: Syriza’s scattergun | The Economist

Here’s another excellent article from the Economist. It’s a must-read. Check it out!

via Charlemagne: Syriza’s scattergun | The Economist.

Essentially, the article looks at how Greece‘s Syriza missed the opportunity to create new friends in Europe with similar interests, like France and Italy – instead it has created enemies with its scattergun approach.

Over the coming weeks, I would expect Syriza to face serious political challenge. It was elected with a specific mandate and it has failed. Surely, Syriza need to call another election to reaffirm their mandate?



Greece and Europe: Outgamed | The Economist

This is a must-read article from the Economist, which puts Greece‘s four-month financial extension in context. Check it out!

via Greece and Europe: Outgamed | The Economist.

Meanwhile, Greece’s new government were portraying the deal as a major success.

Let’s try to cut to the meat of the issue.

Firstly, Greece has not secured any significant concessions.

Secondly, Greece has created enemies by opening up the Nazi era.

Thirdly, Greece still needs a third bailout.

Fourthly, Greece still needs structural reforms to be competitive.

Personally, I would expect to see another election or a referendum in Greece ahead of a third bailout deal. It’s no longer enough for the majority of Greek citizens to say that they still want to stay in the Euro – they are probably facing a Grexit versus hard reforms.

What’s hard for people outside Greece to understand is why the country is so resistant to reforms – the reforms would take away unfair advantages for particular minorities in Greece.


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