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The temple of Hephaistos, Athens, Greece. Fran...

The temple of Hephaistos, Athens, Greece. Français : Le temple d’Héphaïstos, à Athènes, en Grèce. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right. Varoufakis should never have been chosen for creditor negotiations in the first place. His statements during the early stages of his appointment were not credible.

Replacing him with someone more capable and sensible is a good move but the fundamental fact is that Greece has a long and consistently questionable international financial record. Also by international standards, Greece needs to reform to help it back to prosperity.

It is time for real political leadership in Greece and at the same time helping Greek people to be more competitive in the World. Greece has a long and proud history  – it must learn from the likes of China and adapt.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Greece’s governors agree to lend cash to central government in Athens, Greece – John Gelmini

Dr Alf muses about the motivations of the Greek Government for keeping the Greek people in the dark.

To ascertain their motivation we need to look at what they were telling the Greek people in the first place and look at what the Greek people chose and still choose to believe.

The present Greek Government are a bunch of liars, shysters and con-men who sold snake oil in the form of the idea that austerity could be ended, the Germans persuaded to bail Greece out again, and that the EU could be persuaded to accept the Greek Government’s demands.

None of these promises has been kept because the Greek government’s bluff was called by dint of the fact that without money or collateral they were in no position to bargain.

The Greek people, tired of austerity but unwilling to listen to difficult truths, are probably not yet ready to reform their thinking and working practices.

Thus the Greek government is now afraid to tell the Greek people the truth for fear of being replaced, so it remains silent, hoping not to be called to account.

There has to be a financial implosion in Greece and a great deal of pain before reality breaks through into the hearts and minds of a Greece whose people are in ostrich-like denial.

With that realization Greece can move forward but they are going to learn the hard way – first there will be a default then a Grexit.

Initially this will be seen by commentators as a major disaster but in the long-run it will be a wake up call for other European countries and their economically illiterate leaders. Sadly and unnecessarily, it will represent many years of deepened hardship for the citizens of Greece, once again duped by their political classes and ruling elites.

John Gelmini


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