Britain and Europe: An Irish perspective | EurActiv

Greece - United Kingdom

Greece – United Kingdom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting read from EurActiv. Check it out!

via Britain and Europe: An Irish perspective | EurActiv.

The article identifies some of the risks and opportunities, with some useful suggestions on the way forward.

As a UK citizen, who has always been pro-Europe, I am concerned that a UK referendum may harden Europe’s attitudes against the UK. Does the UK want to be marginalized like Greece?


Opinion – Athens raids public health coffers in hunt for cash – – John Gelmini

Dr Alf poses the old age question about Greece.

Sadly, we are in for more of the same, posturing, a play-let about how hard-pressed the Greek people are, how unfair Germany is, and how necessary it is to bail out Greece yet again.

At the 11th hour, a sordid deal will be struck, and Greece will once again be bailed out.

Greece seems incapable of genuine reform, something which should be obvious to everyone who has seen how that country has behaved over the past 200 years.

Despite this, the goal of a ‘United States of Europe’ is unstoppable because the Bilderbergers and before them people like Churchill the Druid (He can be seen on You Tube being initiated into the Ancient Order of Druids in 1920) and Monnet in 1944 have created so much momentum that Greek debts will be written off as part of the price of this grand vision.

John Gelmini


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