NHS chief Simon Stevens says: ‘Stop marketing junk food at children’ | Daily Mail Online

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via NHS chief Simon Stevens says: ‘Stop marketing junk food at children’ | Daily Mail Online.

Personally, I wish that policy-makers would stop talking about the dangers of obesity and intervene decisively.

There’s a need for a special tax or levy on junk-food companies and soft-drinks companies. A levy, like on the banks or North Sea oil, would be much more effective than trying to tinker with VAT, which is already very complicated.

Opinion – Obesity poised to overtake smoking as key cause of cancer – Telegraph – John Gelmini

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in products such as soy milk and low-fat yogurt, has been shown to reduce breast cancer incidence in rats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right, and unless obesity is tackled soon, much of the new Conservative Government’s program will be undone and the country will never get out of debt.


Currently, the NHS has a structural deficit of £30 billion gbp and the UK’s population is rising.

Secondly, we are 20th in the world for productivity which is why among other reasons employers in 80% of cases prefer to hire people from overseas to do the jobs that people here will not do,cannot do productively or are not educated enough to do.

Local authorities at county council, metropolitan borough, London borough, unitary authority and city council level have 50% of their entire budgets consumed by adult social care based on 25% of people of working or pensionable age in their areas.

More obesity, combined with 1.25 million woman over the age of 65 now presenting early stage dementia as a result of their pot-smoke filled and debauched lives in the 1960s are going to push the proportion of that budget figure to 60% or more.

The Government, quite rightly, is trying to force local authorities, police constabularies and fire commands to rationalize by putting them on a diet of less money but these bodies remain resistant to merger or reform and have said that they will as a result of cuts make services that people have come to expect,”disappear”.

Obesity has to be tackled along with these obdurate local authority neandertals and Chief Constables because otherwise the country will never be able to earn its way out of trouble and essential services will be cut.


1) Compel food manufacturers to reduce sugar and salt content in all processed foods by 75%
2) Reduce noise pollution in built up areas–New studies show that the body’s fight or flight system kicks in above a certain decibel level causing it to believe that there will be a food shortage and triggering the body to store fat as a reserve

3) Ban Bisphenol A
4) Use the zoning laws to reduce the number of fast food outlets and increase the number of healthy food outlets
5) Pedestrianize more towns and cities to reduce pollution and force people to walk
6) Introduce variable taxes on foods
7) Promote self gardening on allotments and in back gardens and grow bags –use likeable people like Monty Don to front a television advertising campaign
8) Introduce a Mediterranean diet in all schools put Jamie Oliver and celebrity chefs in charge of menu preparation and someone like a Pru Leith or Mary Berry in charge of delivery
9) Make GP’s prescribe Tai Chi,Pilates and gym memberships for their obese patients instead of drugs via set prescribing targets linked to each doctors licence to practice.

Strike off through the GMC doctors failing to meet these targets and sanction those who breach them at a low-level with clawback of money

10) Educate people to drink less alcohol and to stop drinking it on an empty stomach which then creates a desire for unhealthy food late at night which gets stored as fat

John Gelmini


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