RealTime Economic Issues Watch | Some Big Changes in Macroeconomic Thinking from Lawrence Summers – Adam Posen – Peterson Institute for International Economics

White House portrait of Lawrence Summers.

White House portrait of Lawrence Summers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some of the world’s top economists put macroeconomics under the microscope. Adam Posen responds to a a lecture by Lawrence Summers. Here’s his introduction:

A lot of economists, myself included, have spoken about the need to fundamentally rethink major parts of macroeconomics following the global financial crisis.

Source: RealTime Economic Issues Watch | Some Big Changes in Macroeconomic Thinking from Lawrence Summers

This short article is highly readable. It gives us some clues as to which statistics are more reliable. We live in world where economists and politicians are frequently at loggerheads with mainstream media keen to gloss over the evidence.

Summers highlights the major global trend over the last few decades of substantial disemployment—or withdrawal from the workforce—of relatively unskilled workers.



Opinion – IMF Infographic on Gender and Income Inequality

Mind the income gap

Mind the income gap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please share this infographic on gender and income inequality published by the IMF.

Accurate data really matters in terms of increasing understanding and designing remedial policies.

The IMF suggests four key policies to reduce gender inequality:

  1. Remove gender based legal restrictions
  2. Revise tax policies to encourage women to join the labor force
  3. Create space in government budgets for priority expenditures such as on infrastructure and education.
  4. Implement well-designed family benefits

Gender and income inequality are two of the greatest social challenges of our time.

Let me ask an open question:

How would you improve upon the IMF’s proposals for redressing gender and income inequality?



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