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This is my first step into the unknown World of Blogosphere.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Alf Oldman and I am a UK-based, interim executive, consultant, coach, researcher and author. I am passionate about people, networking, politics and travel.

This blog is intended to be my own weekly news-sheet and occasionally my own personal soapbox. This blog is intended as a professional rather than a personal blog. I intend to share primary and secondary material, broadly related to interim management, consulting, coaching, and research. To give the blog a touch of colour, I shall also share material on my four passion groups, people, networking, politics and travel.

I have had my own personal and professional web sites for many years. I am also an “old hand” on LinkedIn with a public profile. Over the last few years, I have been attracted to LinkedIn specialist groups and have participated in a wide range of debates. This year, I have started experimenting with Twitter but recognise that the time is now overdue for my very own blog.

I hope that you like the choice of theme. I am also passionate about the environment and the countryside.

Thought that I had better check the spelling of “blogosphere” and came across the following definition on Wikipedia which may be of interest:


Finally, although I was searching for a simple strap-line, I settled on “Towards greater reflection and insight”. “Reflection” is used in the sense of a careful consideration. By “insight” I am referring seeing complex matters matters clearly and intuitively.

Well that’s the end of my first blog!

6 responses

  1. I really like your blog and informative comments about being an interim executive.

    I am entering the interim executive world for the first time after many successful years in social care and health.

    I would like to keep in touch by email alerts to your blog.
    |My passion is about delivering improvement and creating effective and efficient process that deliver positive outcomes for the user/customer.

    • Sandra, I am delighted that you have found the blog interesting.

      These are particularly challenging times, for established independent interims/consultants, newbies and providers/intermediaries. Despite the difficulties, there is a place for humour & lightheartedness

      The blog will only be interesting if it interacts with readers, so please feel free to stimulate discussion

      Should you need to contact me directly, my email address is: alf@alfoldman.com.

  2. You can also change the name and tagline at the top of the blog page. These will appear in the title of your tweets of the Blog, so it’s good to get them right.

    Virtually – Adam

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