Dr Alf’s Updated Blog

Thank you for supporting my blog which has had nearly five thousand hits since February. When I originally launched the blog, it was very much a learning experience. Now that I am retired, and planning to travel extensively for a number of years, I intend to refocus the blog. I hope that the blog will continue to be of interest to you. It will evolve.

Please be advised of the following update information:

1. Effective January 2012, I shall no longer be sending out an email notification of publication of my latest blog.

2. To receive an automated email copy of my blog update, please register following the instructions on the right of my blog entitled FOLLOW BLOG BY EMAIL – here’s a link http://dralfoldman.com.

3. Alternatively to receive automated RSS feeds for blog updates, here is a link to register https://dralfoldman.wordpress.com/feed/

4. I now have my own registered domain address for my blog which is really easy to remember – here’s the link http://dralfoldman.com

5. If you log on to my blog, you will see that it has been reformatted, with a completely different look and feel. Over the next six months, I am going to make progressively more changes to the blog. It will evolve, so your feedback will be much appreciated.

6. Starting in 2012, I am going to start using the blog to capture my travels – this will include a variety of content and will be updated more frequently than the current once a week.

7. You will be pleased to hear that I am still keeping my professional web site active – here’s the link http://www.alfoldman.com (it still scores No.1 on Google for “executive interim manager”

8. Finally, please note that I am now using my personal Google email address as my default email address alf.oldman@gmail.com