EU crisis: The Frogs do love us – they’re just hopping mad with Germany – Telegraph

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Boris Johnson, Mayor of London,  embellishes his argument with colourful scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

It is quite funny in places but Boris Johnson needs to be careful in his use of humour when people across Europe are increasingly worried about the Euro and the absence of effective leadership from policy makers (politicians) 

EU crisis: The Frogs do love us – they’re just hopping mad with Germany – Telegraph.

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  2. Boris Johnson is positioning himself to be the next Conservative leader and possibly Prime Minister in 2015.

    He is using this language to get Middle England and “Middlemarch ” on side ready for the time when David Cameron goes to the UN and Nick Clegg gets the job he covets within the EU.

    What we are watching is a tightly scripted play with the scenery being moved and the actors spouting soundbites ready to be seized upon by a craven BBC and a press which with few exceptions is incapable of focusing the minds of the public on serious issues and is only interested in sport and trivia.

    People in this country generally do not like the French or the Germans although they secretly admire German efficiency, engineering and their cars and the French for their cheeses, fashion sense and bullet trains.

    The reality the other way around is that they would like to take business away from the City of London but are pretty disparaging about our state education system, fashion sense, organisational skills, trains and propensity to wallow in nostalgia and live in the past.

    The EC therefore does not suit us as island dwellers quite apart from the fact that it has failed to deliver any of the benefits that Ted Heath lied about to the British people in 1974 and that other Prime Ministers have lied about since.

    We were promised more jobs,no more European wars, economic well-being and more “influence on the world stage”.

    The reality is the useless Baroness Ashton and Van Rumpuoy, hardly the two people most likely to make the Chinese and the Americans stop the traffic in awe.

    The crafters of the Euro lack the will to make it succeed permanently although £600 billion will buy temporary respite.

    The Germans who demand ever closer union will have to come up with more money and so will the French.
    Once that happens the China Sovereign wealth fund will infuse the IMF with more money as will Russia and Brazil on a more modest scale.

    All the blame mongering in the world will not alter the fact that the present European leadership is out of its depth and in a trap of its own making.

    Sadly though, it will be ordinary people who will pay the price for their arrogance, short-sightedness and unparalleled stupidity.

    • John,

      Many thanks for you response.

      As a pro-European but one who wants less bureaucracy, I see things slightly differently to you.

      Whilst I do not necessarily agree with the the thrust of your argument, I agree that some policymakers in Europe seem to be exceptionally weak at the moment, and seriously lacking in leadership. For me, there’s far too much grand-standing and petty point scoring. People across Europe are suffering because of ineffective leadership from Europe’s collective heads of state.

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