Dead Blackbirds Fall From The Sky On New Year’s Eve In Arkansas Town

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This is an amazing story, especially as this is not the first time. Check it out!

Dead Blackbirds Fall From The Sky On New Year’s Eve In Arkansas Town.

What do you think?

  • End of World?
  • Conspiracy?
  • Poisoning?

Personally, I have long been concerned about the effect of fireworks on animals. In the UK we celebrate November 5 called Guy Fawkes night & it is well-known for frightening dogs & cats.

5 responses

  1. I’m voting Poisoning. We had it happen here where I live a few years ago. I remember it well it was so sad. Birds literally just feel out of the sky. The ones that survived the fall did not live very long. They were so sick you could just go and pick them up. They were on cars, buildings, side walks. Later we found out it was poison. One of the farmers got angry at the birds and so he poisoned grain and threw it out for the birds..Hence dead birds everywhere.

    Luckily it hasn’t happened anymore. I don’t know if they caught the farmer that did that.

  2. The Pole shift can be confirmed simply by Googling it.

    Weather modification along the lines I mention has been around since the 1970s when the Russians applied Tesla technology to what is now known as their Woodpecker system and created the very severe winters we experienced in the 1970s and was used in the Kruschev regime to sink the American Nuclear submarine the Thresher.

    A smaller version was developed by the Russians called Elate and this is marketed as “weather made to order” whereby a 200 square mile block can have its weather engineered to order by a company called Elate Intelligent Technologies.

    The Malaysian Government wanted to remove smog over it’s capitol and used Elate’s services to remove it by creating a cyclone.

    This and Defense Secretary Cohen’s remarks about scalar technology which includes weather weapons and weather modification can be found in the Wall Street Journal of October 10th 1992.

    The American Airforce published a document entitled “Full Spectrum Dominance, Owning the Weather By 2025” which describes how they intend to catch up using a system based in Gotoma Alaska called HAARP.This can be downloaded from the web along with a photograph of the facility which covers around 40 acres.

    The American version of the Russian Woodpecker system is called GWEN.

  3. The earth every 75000 years goes through a pole shift and the process has already started with what used to be the magnetic north pole moving some 10 degrees as evidenced by what is happening at air traffic control centres around the world including Tampa Florida where the phenomenon was reported by the local television station.

    It is not being widely reported in the media so as not to cause panic amongst the general population although NASA employees have been warned.

    Migrating and other birds use a magnet in their heads to navigate with so the change in poles confuses them even though it is a natural process.

    Earlier in the year blackbirds were falling out of the sky for similar reasons.

    What also happens is that both Russia and America, as well as the EC plus Norway, all practice weather modification using devices based in massive sites (America’s is on a 40 acre site in Gotoma Alaska).

    Changes to the jetstream, more rain in places where it usually dry and more sun in areas targeted for draught and crop shortage obviously change plant growing season sand can affect food sources for birds.

    These man made changes have unforseen effects because they upset the balance of nature and disrupt the eco system.

    • John,

      Many thanks for an interesting explanation. Is there any third party evidence to clarify the matter?

      Personally, I struggle with the probability that the previous incident occured in the same place exactly one year earlier on New Year’s Eve? The probability of this occuring by chance are astronomical. This leads me to the conclusion that something either deliberate or accidental triggered the event.


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