Twins – Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine

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Pink Chinese twins
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An interesting article from the National Geographic Magazine on identical twins.

Check it out! 

Twins – Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine.

Adult Social Care – Reflections from John Gelmini

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In response to my blog on Adult Social Care , citing Monday’s Daily Telegraph lead, I am re-blogging a personal view from John Gelmini:

The Adult Social Care system has not been fit for purpose for years but this is not entirely down to the fault of successive Governments as the Daily Telegraph article and the hand wringing of politicians and the chattering classes would lead one to believe.

Every time the issue of Adult Social Care recipients and the way to pay for them is raised a large section of the British public move into what George Orwell called”doublethink”.

On the one hand many of them do not want to look after their elderly parents if they are deemed to be difficult to look after or manage, choosing instead to want to pass this responsibility to a care home or to the local authority which in turn will either run a care home or may attempt to modify the existing home so that the care recipient can remain in situ.

Some people imagine that NI contributions paid during the working life of the person who is now a care recipient is sufficient to pay for this care when the reality is that the NI fund ran out in 2000 and is insufficient to pay the dole bill for the unemployed and the NHS.

The NHS is now funded out of petroleum revenue tax and even that source of income is not enough as the cost of drugs and modern medical treatments keeps rising faster than inflation.

A large an uninformed section of the public somehow imagine that with the average person having less than £500 GBP their bank account at any one time,that it is possible for an Adult Social Care recipient to be cared for in a nursing home or care home when the costs are up to £1000 gbp per week or £52,000 gbp a year.

When long-term care insurance is suggested they run a mile and demand that the Government finds the money,which means they want the Government to extract the money from those older people who have managed to remain active, have saved money and have made some provision for themselves.

This long-suffering silent majority subsidise these people in their council houses prior to any need for long-term care and thereafter if the care recipients remain in situ-more so if the house requires modification, stair-lifts, wheelchair-ramps and remodeling of the type often shown on Saints and Scroungers a programme presented by the smug and self-righteous presenter Dominic Littlewood.

It is instructive to note that the difference between market rents and subsidised council house rents on similar sized properties is up to 85%.

The public also think that old people in this position are “lonely and depressed” and think that David Cameron should do something about it.

The truth is the solution is in their hands,they need to visit their elderly parents from time to time or talk to them on Skype or by telephone if they are too far away.

Apart from disabled soldiers, policemen and members of the emergency services who are special cases to whom we as taxpayers owe a lifelong debt of financial gratitude many Adult Social Care recipients have brought much of their situation upon themselves by overeating, becoming obese, taking drugs, exercising too little, eating the wrong foods, smoking and taking little interest in anything.

A fair number of female dementia sufferers in their 60,s brought about their condition by eating out of Aluminium saucepans,living under flight paths and ingesting antimony (a product in aircraft fuel, smoking cannabis, drug taking and debauched living).

Some 50% of county council budgets are consumed by Adult Social Care leaving the other 50% for all other services.

Since this care bill is rising action is now essential.

Some of the actions needed are as follows

–Variable taxes on foods to promote healthy eating
–CRM systems in all councils to identify potential care recipients at an early stage and refer them to the NHS for weight loss and exercise
–Providing tax relief for long-term care plans with the insurance industry and the Government working together
–Higher alchohol and tobacco prices
–Getting people to be responsible for their own health
–Use of ASIMO robots in care homes for toileting, serving food, lifting disabled care recipients into and out of bed and the shower, cleaning, dusting and cooking.
–Education about long-term adult social care
–Merging the NHS and care budgets together
–Outsourcing purchasing on a national scale
–Transferring some Adult Social Care recipients to India(GOA), where they can be looked after more cheaply and can enjoy warmer weather.

Note: The Indian Government has suggested this as a partial solution to successive UK governments 4 times and has talked about conducting NHS operations there as well.

What do you think? Do you agree with John or have some alternatives views that you want to share?