Iowa caucus: candidates make last appeals while Romney goes after Obama | World news |

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Check this out for a summary of the latest news from Iowa:

via Iowa caucus: candidates make last appeals while Romney goes after Obama | World news |

Personally, I continue to struggle to understand the US system of democracy which has challenges likes the caucuses but still manages to produce two extreme parties unable to work together to effectively tackle the current challenges of debt, taxation and healthcare.

I struggle to see the differences between the Republican candidates with fortunes spent on negative advertising.

However, the bit that really caught my attention in the Guardian article was:

 The Obama re-lection campaign, from its headquarters in Chicago, retaliated, laying out four key pledges the president had delivered on: health care reform; ending the war in Iraq; tax cuts for the working-class; and reducing US dependence on foreign oil.

If indeed President Obama has cut taxes for the working classes then he has done this by increasing debt which by my rational argument is irresponsible. It’s not surprising that the Republicans are demanding austerity and won’t play ball.

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