Three Open Questions on UK Healthcare Policy – A Detailed Response from John Gelmini

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In a recent blog entitled “UK Government’s Healthcare Policy? – Evidence from the OECD” I asked three open questions:

  1. Does the UK Government has the right policies?
  2. Has national spending on healthcare being effectively deployed?
  3. How will austerity cuts impact future healthcare outcomes?

Below is a very detailed response from John Gelmini:

The answer to your 3 open questions are  “no”, “no” and “badly”!

The UK government cannot have the right health policies because:
–British woman are now the most obese in Western Europe and our men are 4th fattest. Variable taxes on foods would address this and the problem that will result, namely parents predeceasing their children and bankrupting the NHS.
–25% of people in older age groups end up requiring Adult Social Care when for the sake of CRM and early intervention much of this could be stopped.
–40% of the UK population suffer from vitamin D deficiency and end up depressed with the resultant explosion in the prescribing of serotonin uptake drugs such as Prozac and Seroxat and the side effects they can cause.
–British men of marriageable age have the lowest sperm count in Western Europe and at 2.4 births per couple and the current age of first time buyers now set at 40 the indigenous population has too low a replacement rate for the race to survive more than 50 years in this country.
Part of this is caused by Bisphenol A, a gender bending compound used to make plastic hard which causes male infertility and which is still not banned in the UK.
–There are wide disparities in mortality caused by widening income gaps and stress whereby people in Scotland die youngest and the wealthy of Kensington and the stockbroker belt live a good 10 years longer than socio economic groups C1, C2, D and E and up to 30 years longer than unemployed single men.
–Cancer survival rates in the UK are the lowest in Western Europe and the NHS does not look at alternative cancer treatments such as Rife technology which is very widespread in Germany.
Similarly we continue to build houses within less than 1/2 mile of electricity pylons even though there is evidence from Russia which bans the practice in its building laws ,that our practice causes cancers.
GP’s kill 30,000 patients a year through mistakes in diagnosis and the NHS as a whole kills 70,000 patients a year through bungled treatments and incorrect surgery.

Contrast that with terrorism 55 deaths in the UK following 7/7, road accidents 2900 a year and one can see that the most dangerous person one is likely to meet in the UK is a GP with the best intentions in the world.

Spending on healthcare is not being properly deployed because the NHS is now less efficient than ever, following the Gordon Brown/Wanless Review which saw £7 billion gbp injected, most of which went in higher salaries for doctors and consultants and increased NI contributions as mandated by Gordon Brown.

Nursing deployment and the rostering of consultants.

About 20% of NHS hospital doctors are fakes who have obtained documents from dead doctors and assumed their identities.
Rooting them out is difficult but it does happen sometimes.

The Civil Service study of 135,000 people shows a direct correlation between the morbidity and mortality of civil servants and their pay and grade.

Thus Mandarins were less stressed, the most healthy and lived the longest and the lower ranks fell ill,died earlier and were more stressed.

Austerity will mean more rationing of healthcare which will result in treatment delays for the old and poor and premature deaths from heart disease and cancer,which are the cause of 95% of all deaths.

The wealthy will go private and be treated much more quickly so they will live longest.

Insurance statistics show that people live longest if they are married or if they are woman and choose to be spinsters.
Cohabiting couples live second longest and singletons live the shortest lifespan.

The UK has the highest divorce rate in Western Europe yet despite the evidence that shows that marriage is life enhancing neither the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Government are doing enough to promote marriage.

The BBC is similarly oblivious to the need to promote marriage preferring instead to pander to secular humanism and ” anything goes” philosophies.

The other factor  apart from exercise is of course diet and the propensity of too many C1’s, C2’s, D’s and E’s to eat rubbish, consume fish and chips, ingest salt, consume too much sugar, drink too much and drink on an empty stomach


What do you think?

Video interview with Joe Stiglitz on Financial and Real Crises in the World Economy

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I strongly recommend that you check out this video interview with Joe Stiglitz on “Financial and Real Crises in the World Economy“.

via Video interview with Joe Stiglitz on Financial and Real Crises in the World Economy.

Joe Stiglitz is a former Nobel winner and a former Chief Economist at the World Bank.

In the interview, Joe Stiglitz answers important questions on jobs, debt levels, the Euro crisis and structural transformation required in the US and other mature economies.

Joe Stiglitz is a passionate anti-austerity campaigner, so he has my support!

Do you agree with Joe Stiglitz?