London 2012: what to do near the main Olympic venues | Travel | The Guardian

Subsurface station building at London Paddington

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English: London Paddington station with First ...
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This a really interesting article. Check it out if you planning to visit London or like me is a former Londoner.

London 2012: what to do near the main Olympic venues | Travel | The Guardian.

I grew up in London, then had many periods working overseas. Each time, I returned to London, I was a bit disappointed that London was it never was quite as I remembered it. For the last twenty years, I have lived in Bath about a hundred miles west of London.

This week, I was in London for the day and spent the evening there too. Spending an evening out in London, it is hard to believe that the UK is championing the way on austerity politics. I suppose that the moral message is that austerity is only for the less privileged.

I took the train to London and when I arrived at Paddington station had a  disagreement with the ticket collector. It was resolved when I insisted on calling an inspector who was charming and resolved the matter in seconds. The original ticket collector was hostile and confrontational, with zero client handling skills.

Given the billions of pounds that have been spent on the Olympics, I hoped that the Public Sector will field the A Team for visitors to London, this Summer? Client (or customer) handling skills really matter, especially for visitors.

By comparison to my experience with British Rail at Paddington, I found staff at London Underground really helpful.

Perhaps, Boris Johnson can help here?

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