Winter Walk in Victoria Park Bath UK

Русский: Дом Салли Ланн

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This morning we decided to walk into the centre of Bath, through Victoria Park which is very beautiful with lovely botanical gardens. The sun was glorious and despite the snow warning in the morning papers, it felt a bit like a chilly day in Spring.  I was surprised to see the crocuses and daffodils pushing through but expect that they will not like a layer of snow which has been promised.

Bath is really compact and it’s easy to get around on foot. It’s shaped like a bowl, so you descend into the city centre – there are lots of hills as you leave the centre.

We had a light lunch at Demuths our favourite vegetarian restaurant in Bath and were lucky to get a table as it’s always busy. It’s in a little alley called North Parade, near to the cathedral and a few doors away from the famous Sally Lunn tea shop – it’s famous for the Sally Lunn Bath bun and the tea shop traces its origins back to the sixteenth century.

Living in Bath for twenty years has been a wonderful experience and I shall miss it when I leave and start travelling.

BBC News – Davos 2012: Tackling inequality ‘a priority’

English: Park in Davos, Graubünden

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This is an interesting article from the BBC. Check it out!

BBC News – Davos 2012: Tackling inequality ‘a priority’.

It strikes me as a bit strange that the highly privileged people attending Davos 2012 are discussing inequality. Perhaps, they are also a bit concerned with retaining their privileged status in an uncertain World?

What do you think?