A tail of two iron ladies

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Image via Wikipedia

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany
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Lady Thatcher as UK Prime Minister was affectionately known as the “iron lady” for her determination and strong will. Personally, I was very much an admirer of Lady Thatcher, both as a leader and a politician.

In the last couple of years I have been a keen follower of politics and believe that the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel is an “iron lady” as well. I very much respect Angela Merkel as a shrewd and determined politician.

It is interesting to reflect on the similarities between Lady Thatcher as UK Prime Minister and Angela Merkel as German Chancellor.


  • Leaders of right-wing political parties
  • From humble rather than privileged backgrounds
  • Dogged and determined
  • Passionate about small government and supporters of the family and private enterprise
  • Supporters of austerity where appropriate 
  • Strong supporters of neoliberalism, rather than Keynesianism  


  • Lady Thatcher became known for not changing her views whereas Angela Merkel is more comfortable in changing her views as the context changes
  • Finally, Angela Merkel probably has far stronger pro-European views than Lady Thatcher – of course, times are different too.

These were just a few quick thoughts. Happy to hear other views.

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