Greece rejects German plan for eurozone overseer –

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I am not surprised with this latest news, reported in the FT. Check it out!

Greece rejects German plan for eurozone overseer –

Personally, I admire the Greek leadership for saying “No!”

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  1. I am from Hellas, the real name of Greece. Greece is an undermining name for this place and its origin is from the Turks.
    I am proud to be Greek (Hellinas) and everyone should know that people here are not lazy, we are not thieves, we are very warm, passionate people.

    Our rotten politics that make us suffer, now they are trying to save us? This is ridiculous. For many years, they construct a political system so wrong and wicked that even democracy cannot aply.

    We are trying the best we can, but these measures are going to suffocate all of us. The same thing is going to happen to Portugal, to Italy and on and on…

    Our people don’t have private depts. The dept has its origin to the politicians and all of their acts that made the state being in dept..

    • Hi Theodoros,

      Thank you for replying.

      Personally, I agree very much with what you are saying.

      In my view, the argument for austerity at all costs has gone too far. It is time to also focus on growth and investment.

      For sure, this will be a very difficult weekend for the Greek (Hellas) people and I hope that they will choose wisely. I am not a supporter of the troika but I honestly believe that a disorderly default will be much more painful for Greek (Hellas) citizens.

      Good luck!

      • Greetings from Thessaloniki!

        Unfortunately it is not hellenic people’s choice these days. Our politics will choose. But under their leadership the measures will be accepted. The only hope is elections when I hope everybody here will be wise enough to choose someone new, someone else than these politics that drove us in this situation.

        The tragic is that on Sunday night many people will be led to jail unjustified cause they will just try to demonstrate their dissaproval of Troika & EE measures.

        I am 32 years old and I see no future in my Country. Hundreds of people at my age that I know personally are leaveing Greece towards every single corner of earth (Australi, Canada, UK, even South Korea). And the most painfull is this, that even though we can struggle to get out of crisis, they don’t let us or they don’t give us a sparkle of hope to keep trying. Can you imagine people age from 20 to 35 not to see future at their own country?

        Latest IMF suggestions:
        1. Higher Taxes at the islands. What is Greece major economic profit. Tourism so they are fight tourism.
        2. Higher taxes at used cars. Greeks are trying to save money by noy bying expensive new cars? Taxes for what you are doing.
        3. Taxes on wine. Greece is exporting wine and it is economic profit? Taxes for making it more difficult.
        4. Taxes on tobacco. People try to save by not buying packets of ciggarettesand known brands and by smoking tobacco? Taxes on tobacco. Rizla and such (sorry my english)

        They are ridiculous. They will tax even the air we breath.

        Their target is clear. Economic desroyance and take over natural wealth and oil, that truly exist in our grounds

      • I share your views. It was really a sad day for democracy when technocrats were imposed in both Italy and Greece. Perhaps the political classes are truly responsible.

        I agree that the best opportunities are to look overseas, for now!

        Good luck

      • Hi Alf,
        I do not share your views that having technocrats leading the Greek and Italian government is bad for democracy. I grant you that Monti and Papademos weren’t elected by the people of their countries, but they were confirmed in their offices by their respective parliaments in a democratic vote. And both nations will have the chance – Greece to the best of my knowledge sooner than Italy – to either retain them or throw them out. And it is still the parliaments that have to approve of all measures. Which is why there’s so little progress in Greece. Italy seems to be doing somewhat better, I think, which is reflected in the fact that it was able to borrow money at easier conditons lately.

      • Hi Pit,

        Thanks for your response.

        I respect and acknowledge your view but strictly both Monti and Papademos weren’t elected by the people of their countries – this was my point.

        I agree with you but they were confirmed in their offices by their respective parliaments in a democratic vote.



  2. I think they’re right in rejecting that plan. Even if I’m in favour – as you know – of Germany’s policies in the Euro crisis, I think this plan was really stupid as it doesn’t tackle what wrong in Greece. Whoever will be supervising Greece’s attempts to get their act together will be helpless against the staying power of Greece’s bureaucracy and society.

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