The Hard Sell: Merkel Seeks Euro Zone Investments from Beijing – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

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This is interesting from Speigel. Check it out!

The Hard Sell: Merkel Seeks Euro Zone Investments from Beijing – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International.

As Germany seeks Chinese money for investment in Europe, one wonders what China will want in return? Is this perhaps a

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start of a new geo-political model?




Counting Cost Of Chameleon Cameron?

I am not sure that I agree with all of this blog but I certainly endorse the folly of austerity when every respectable economist, plus the IMF & the World Bank are falling over themselves with Keynesian remedies to stimulate growth & investment


The weight of history ways heavy on British Prime Minister Mr David Cameron shoulders. And so it should, as 2012 the Olympic year which initially promised so much joy, could prove to be the most turbulent one since 1973 for the United Kingdom (UK) and potentially the whole global economy.

In the year the movie, “The Iron Lady”, brings back into focus some of the lesser social and economic achievements of his eminent

Oh Hello, any ideas how we resolve our very British Economic Problems Picture © New Statesman

predecessor, Margaret Thatcher, (i.e. policies allowing erosion of the manufacturing base, monetarist experimentation that sacrificed communities for individual rather than collective gain, and the elevation of profit over principle as core UK companies were sold without consultation and key others¹)  it is ironic that David Cameron, supported by his “cabinet of coalition millionaires” now finds himself in the invidious position of having to unravel, and solve…

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