The Euro Crisis: A Family Drama

English: Various Euro bills.

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This is an interesting perspective!

Kate Ferguson

Cast of Characters

The Proud Parents: Germany and France
The Eldest child: The United Kingdom
The Wild Child: Greece
The newly adopted: Croatia
The Redeemable Rogue: Ireland
The neglected middle child: Spain


 G and F didn’t like each other. Then tragedy brought them together.

They cast their differences aside and became inseparable. They decided to build a family.

They vowed to be the best parents in the world. They were young and believed their family would be the happiest in history.

They were wise too. They welcomed their young with open arms and closed fists full of caveats.

(If their own bitter experience had taught them anything, it was that successful family life meant balancing freedom and constraint.)

Each year a new member was born. G and F wanted a big, happy family and they weren’t finished yet.

Their eldest, UK was a…

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4 responses

  1. Hello there! Thanks for sharing my post. Let’s hope that a couple of interventions sort the Euro-bunch out! I guess there’s nothing like a family crisis to expose strained relationships! Interesting blog, by the way; lots of perspectives. I hope I have as adventurous a retirement! 🙂

  2. I really like the original blog. And when i there says, “[it’s] sure to be a block-buster”, let’s hope that it won’t bust the (European) block:

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