Church of England doubles hedge fund investments –

"Hedge Fund"

"Hedge Fund" (Photo credit: C-Monster)Hedge fund industry (Photo credit: Simen S)

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Church of England doubles hedge fund investments –

Many believe that hedge funds represent one of the worst faces of capitalism. Hedge funds frequently take speculative positions causing increased market volatility. Is it time to take another look at the morality of hedge funds?

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  1. The Church of England has an unfortunate history of losing money on investments as evidenced by the millions the Church Commissioners lost in the 1980’s property boom and the subsequent bust which occurred following the abolition of mortgage tax relief by the then Chancellor Nigel Lawson.

    As an organisation, it enjoys a special position as the so called “established church”, even though less than 1/2 of 1% of Anglicans actually go to church and it’s congregations have been progressively shrinking for at least 40 years.

    It is badly run and ill served by Archbishops of Canterbury, who fail to sell or promote Christian doctrine, fail to impart moral guidance and even call for elements of Sharia Law to be incorporated into the law of the land.

    Instead of being sacked, as he should have been (Judeo Christian ethics are the foundation and bedrock of English Common Law, our system of jurisprudence and what is left of our Parliamentary system), Rowan Williams has been allowed to keep his job and propound left wing political doctrine.

    This he does at taxpayers expense, whilst remaining in Lambeth Palace pontificating about the poor and now authorising investments in Hedge Funds.

    The issue about hedge funds, as with any high risk financial instrument, is that whoever is investing in them should have an appropriate degree of knowledge and skill and understand the risks.

    The Church of England’s record demonstrates that it is deficient in each of these important respects and I predict that this doubling of Hedge Fund investments will end in tears and that we as long suffering taxpayers will, as we did with the bankers end up bailing out the Church of England whilst keeping the ineffectual Rowan Williams in post along with the Bishops he has on his payroll who sit in the House of Lords at taxpayers expense.

    Personally I would not let the Church of England invest in anything and would go further by disestablishing them and removing all Bishops from the House of Lords and compelling them to concentrate on their jobs.

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