Gray Wolf Picture – Animal Wallpaper – National Geographic Photo of the Day

gray wolf

gray wolf (Photo credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Midwest Region)Image via Wikipedia

Great photo from National Geographic. Check it out!

Gray Wolf Picture – Animal Wallpaper – National Geographic Photo of the Day.

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  2. Sadly, the gray wolf is being taken off the endangered species list in more and more states here in the US, largely because of – mostly unsubstantiated – claims by ranchers that they kill their cattle.

  3. The lovesick wolf OR7 is now seemingly heading for Nevada which is a wolfless state, according to Rhys Blakely the Daily Telegraph’s Los Angeles correspondent.

    So far, OR7 is doing what his maker intended him to do which is to hunt, kill and eat his own prey and keep the stock of other species strong.

    This is a noble and useful purpose, unlike the function performed by those sitting behind the bankers and some of the bankers themselves who are beyond repentance and ought perhaps to be fitted with GPS tracking devices and released into areas populated by wolves to fend for themselves.

    Common humanity says that they should then be rescued but the experience of being hunted by these magnificent creatures might make them see the error of their ways.

    • John,

      Thanks for an interesting response.

      It would be interesting to see how long hedge-fund managers lasted in thee wild, facing the wolves with no blackberry, food or weapons?

      Perhaps the hedge-fund managers would learn to respect the people in Greece, Italy & Spain, whose lives they have shortened because of their own greed?

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