Making the Work Programme work | The Spectator

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This is an excellent article by Martin Bright in the Spectator on Youth Unemployment. Check it out!

Making the Work Programme work | The Spectator.

I very much endorse the following viewpoint proposed by Martin Bright:

 Unemployed graduates in particular should be encouraged to set up their own businesses: to my mind this is where any large-scale pump priming from state  funds should take place. I would also like to see the Downing Street nudge unit delivering a huge poke in the ribs to the banks to persuade them to invest in graduate start-ups.

What do you think?

New Statesman – Sarkozy sets out his stall

New Statesman Thatcher "tribute" iss...

New Statesman Thatcher "tribute" issue 😉 (Photo credit: Scorpions and Centaurs)

This is an interesting read. Check it out!

New Statesman – Sarkozy sets out his stall.

Last time around, French voters thought that Sarkozy was going to be a French Margaret Thatcher and delivery fundamental reform to France’s bloated Public Sector. Unfortunately, Sarkozy has failed to deliver what he previously promised and is bitterly unpopular with French voters. It will be interesting to see the election unfold.