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  2. Sadly I have to say that I don’t think that they do,not least because both David Cameron and Nick Clegg have their eyes firmly fixed on their next much more lucrative roles after 2015 which are at the UN and at the EC respectively.
    The Public Sector simply doesn’t get it and neither do Maude and Alexander.
    If we are “All in this together”, civil servants should get no bonuses at all and their numbers should be cut.
    Applying Lean Methodology and Hoshin Planning could improve services at the same time that employee numbers were brought down.
    Sadly the Mandarins and Government Ministers take us all for fools and will find ways to avoid this whilst inflicting pain on everyone else.
    It is not their rewards and incentives that need looking at but rather it should be the necessity to employ so many of them at all.

    • John, I have sympathy with many hard working Public Sector employees. However, I agree that the mandarins and their political masters are not effective. Although I have been life long Tory supporter, I had great respect for Tony Blair & George Brown when they were leaders. It’s strange that although David Cameron is the head of the Conservative Party, I am uncomfortable with his Government’s policies

  3. The NHS is riddled with inefficiencies and is in effect a national disease and affliction service rather than a health service.

    There are several things which need to be done to reduce demand and thus NHS costs:

    1)Improve the national diet and introduce variable taxes on food.

    2)Force food manufacturers to reduce salt and sugar content in food by 80%.

    3)Educate people not to drink alchohol on an empty stomach.

    4)Use CRM/CDI and the ESD toolkit to identify overweight people at risk of ill health or of becoming Adult Social Care recipients early and then target them for diet and exercise or stomach stapling/gastric bands in extreme cases.

    5)Change the way that GPs are paid to the system that exists in China.There doctors get to earn their basic salary for keeping 94% of their patients healthy and get bonuses for improving this figure. Here GPs are paid for the size of their patient list irrespective of outcome.

    6)Tax tobacco more heavily and give smokers a difficult time.

    7)Eliminate Bisphenol A from plastics and till rolls and e numbers from our diet.

    8)Teach children and adults a Stoic philosophy so that they can better handle the vicissitudes of life.

    9)Educate people to take greater responsibility for their own health.

    10)Promote marriage through the tax system as marriage has been shown to enhance male longevity and overall health beyond what has been achievable thus far.

    11)Stimulate growth and jobs for unemployed single men.

    12)Remove aluminium from food.

    13)Ensure that no buildings are built within a mile of electricity pylons as Russian research shows that not to do so causes cancer risks.

    14)Prescribe and promote the use of vitamin supplements and anti oxidents to eliminate vitamin deficiency.

    15)Clear malingerers and freeloaders looking for “fit notes” and time off work from GP,s surgeries.
    About half the people who go to the doctor are in these categories.

    • John, I’ll go along with your list. My concern is whether the current Coalition Government has the stomach to deliver effective change? David Cameron seems to be too comfortable with U turns.

      Today’s news in the UK is that Danny Alexander and Francis Maude have written to the Public Sector to ask them to review bonus arrangements. These are the same people who took the bacon-slicer to public services. I have to say that I am biassed in that I probably disagree with Danny Alexander even before he opens his mouth – I prefer to listen to Ed Balls, at least he’s a heavy-weight!

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