Germany faces a machine from hell –

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This is an interesting article from Gideon Rachman, chief foreign affairs correspondent at the FT. Check it out!

via Germany faces a machine from hell –

In my view, this is an excellent article and goes a long way to presenting the German view of the Euro crisis. 

If the Euro is to be saved, new initiates will be required.



Moody’s shifts outlook for UK and France –

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Ed Balls
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This is important news. Check it out!

Moody’s shifts outlook for UK and France –

It is interesting that George Osborne and Ed Balls have interpreted the Moody’s news release completely differently to support their own political cases.

For me, Osborne’s original case was based on Public Sector cuts (viz. austerity) being offset by Private Sector growth, and most importantly, the greater contribution of growth reducing debt levels. Unfortunately, Osborne has done little to stimulate growth, and given weakening uncertainty and weakened demand from the rest of Europe, growth has not happened.

To be fair to Ed Balls, he has consistently argued in favour of stimulating short-term term demand and investment (a more Keynesian approach), addressing indebtedness more in the medium term. Balls position is favoured by many leading economists, the IMF and think tanks.

So on balance, I am now paying more attention to Ed Balls, than George Osborne – a sad state of affairs for a life-long Tory supporter!

A final thought – both George Osborne and Danny Alexander are not trained economists, so one wonders who is advising them?