Francis Maude: Civil Service at its smallest since war – Telegraph

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This is interesting reading. Check it out!

via Francis Maude: Civil Service at its smallest since war – Telegraph.

According to Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude:

‘We are creating a much leaner, more effective Whitehall machine that manages its finances like the best-run businesses and demands the best return for public money”

In my view, if the Civil Service were a public company, Francis Maude would be equivalent to Director of Administration and probably fired in the first round of cuts along with his team at the Cabinet Office. Look at any cutback in a major corporation, and the  cuts start with headquarters. Perhaps, in my scenario, an out-of-work Francis Maude would apply for a trainee job at Tesco as a bacon-slicer?

Seriously, I am not a Public Sector employee but it obvious to me that front line services have been cut rather than enduring cost reduction from innovation or service improvement. Look at the Coalition’s record on healthcare and care for the elderly, for example – it’s a disgrace. 

David Cameron came to power promising real reform but all we have seen so far is enormous cuts in service quality, rather than radical change. If the Coalition Government were serious about emulating Best Private Sector Practice, they would be able to cite vision, strategy and their record of delivering effective transformation – and that’s not bacon-slicing!

What ever happened to Public Services Reform?

What do you think of Francis Maude’s record?