New drugs ‘delayed to cut costs’ – Yahoo!

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This is an interesting short article. Check it out!

New drugs ‘delayed to cut costs’ – Yahoo!.

For me, it shows that the NHS is increasingly struggling on more and more fronts, as a result of budget cuts.  The article picks  up the important point that there is no cohesive strategy.

The article quotes the Chief Executive of the UK’s largest drug company as follows:

“The bit I’m much more frightened about is that what’s now beginning to become clear is that, in addition to price reductions, governments are delaying the approval of innovative new drugs,”

“So a second way they can save money, they think, is ‘Let’s just not buy the next round of innovation’.

“Cancer in the UK is a good example where we’re seeing oncology drugs being systematically delayed from introduction and reimbursement.

“We are seeing a variety of the more innovative and more expensive medicines being delayed in a whole series of different diseases across Europe.”

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