Europe’s 8 best night trains – travel tips and articles – Lonely Planet


Train (Photo credit: MichelKuik)

This short article from Lonely Planet is worth a read. Check it out!

Europe’s 8 best night trains – travel tips and articles – Lonely Planet.

I find that I’ve only done one of the trips – Amsterdam to Copenhagen – I guess that I’m luckier than most. What about you?

It’s a shame that the article didn’t comment on the quality/cost of the catering on the trains, as well. I fear that the UK journey might not have faired that well. I love long distance train journeys when I have the time but tend to favour quality provided on French or German trains – the TEs are really special (Trans European Express)  

My great train travel dream is the Trans-Siberian Express………….

Vietnam – Some interesting insights from a travel blogger who got there before me!


Vietnam (Photo credit: jamesonwu)

This is an interesting blog, especially the reflections on Vietnam. Check it out!

Vietnam « Planes, Cars and Campervans

Paul, the author of the blog, responded to my blog on arranging travel in Vietnam and this prompted me to check out his blog. I am delighted that I did – I have learned from his experiences – that’s what’s fascinating about blogging.