The Conservatives will lose in 2015. Thank God – Telegraph Blogs

Conservative Party (UK)

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This is an amazing story. Check it out!

The Conservatives will lose in 2015. Thank God – Telegraph Blogs.

Wake up time for David Cameron to start behaving like a Tory?

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  1. Alf ,

    He should have done that before he became Prime Minister and to that end I wrote to him to point out some of the fallacies underpinning Lord Freud’s thinking with regard to incapacity benefit and the “Work Programme”.

    This was not to get a reply but to provide useful information about how the programme could be sold and made to work.
    He chose to listen to his Civil Servants and Lord Freud and is living with the consequences at our expense.

    My late father was a social buy-to-let landlord and dealt with many of these people over a period of 26 years.
    When he was alive, I assisted him and made myself expert on the intricacies of the unemployment benefit system, incapacity benefit, “training for work”, other successor programmes and the interaction between Local Authorities and the DWP vis a vis Housing Benefit and the Pensions system at State level. The Work Programme and Ian Duncan Smith’s efforts to deal with incapacity benefit dependence are failing and not on track as you have commented on in another earlier blog. He at least did reply to me and signed the letter himself, with his own fountain pen but I still see no evidence that the Coalition “get” the practical issues at a granular enough level and for that I hold responsible the Civil Service Mandarins who have absolutely no understanding of how ordinary people think and live, yet continue to misadvise the Prime Minister.

    As for what the Conservatives stand for, David Cameron is so keen to “detoxify” the Conservative brand by being obsequious to the Liberal Democrats, gay men, lesbians, Muslims, Guardian readers, atheists, agnostics, cohabiting couples and floating voters with no fixed beliefs that he has forgotten his natural supporters or takes them for granted.

    • John, some interesting insights here!

      I agree that the more that David Cameron tries to detoxify the Tory brand, appealing to all sorts of marginal groups, the greater the probability of alienating existing Tory voters.

      As I have indicated many times on this blog, there are clear Winners and Losers in David Cameron’s Society. I predict that the “losers” will remember at the time of the next election.

  2. A lot can happen in three years and the Daily Telegraph and its reporters are not clairvoyants.

    The idea that the conservative party or the coalition should lose can become a self fulfilling prophesy and will come true if the coalition and David Cameron continue to cave in to militant postmen, the medical profession, Civil Service mandarins determined to manage the uk into faster decline and the public sector trades unions.

    The public, particularly the more stupid elements who still think the world owes us and them a living, similarly need to be confronted as do chief constables and local authority chief executives who fail to do their jobs and fail to “get it”.

    The election is David Cameron’s to lose but he has to move faster and be much bolder so that the economy is moving in the right direction before 2015.

    Provided people feel more prosperous and have more hope by then, David Cameron can step down and go to his new un job and boris johnson can become prime minister.

    • John, many thanks for an interesting response and coming to David Cameron’s defence!

      David Cameron got a double first at Oxford, so he is exceptionally bright but his social background has meant that he is often rejected in his understanding of the challenges of ordinary people – people without the benefit of privileged educations and family connections.

      Perhaps, it is time for David Cameron to bring in some new advisors who are closer to the real needs of ordinary people.

      For me, it’s unclear what the Conservative brand represents.

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