A first and extremely memorable visit to Edinburgh

Edinburgh castle2

Edinburgh castle2 (Photo credit: JohnSeb)

This weekend I visited Edinburgh for the first time. My wife and I visited my niece, who is a third year veterinary student at Edinburgh University.

Whilst I had been to Scotland several times and travelled to five continents, somehow I had missed Edinburgh until this weekend..

Friday we visited the famous Edinburgh Castle arriving at 1300 just in time for the historic daily cannon-shot. It was amazing how many people stood in the torrential rain, patiently waiting for the 1300 cannon-shot. The castle was extremely interesting and is very highly recommended.

Saturday we climbed to Arthur’s Seat and two hundred and fifty feet up the views of Edinburgh and the surrounding area were spectacular. Later that day we visited the Royal Yacht Britannia which is now a museum of the highest quality. Both Arthur’s Chair and the Britannia are also strongly recommended.

Sunday’s main event consisted of a visit to Palace of Holyroodhouse which was extremely interesting. The palace and the castle have certainly changed my views of Scotland. 

Monday morning we managed a brisk walk in Queens Park in the bracing wind and afterwards a visit to the People’s Story’ Museum which provided some excellent insights into the life of ordinary people in Edinburgh over the ages.

The people in Edinburgh are warm and welcoming, and the tourist attractions are of the highest quality. Check it out!