China becomes a net importer – of British idiots « Shards of China

United Kingdom

United Kingdom (Photo credit: stumayhew)

I spotted this blog from a regular cyber-friend, who’s also a keen blogger, with a sharp eye for detail. Check it out!

China becomes a net importer – of British idiots « Shards of China.

The blog makes fascinating, albeit subjective, reading.

The article reminds me  of the time we were on a Swiss train, in the Engadine near St Moritz, returning from a day’s cross-country skiing. A party of Belgian school kids heard Marilyn and I speaking English and enquired in some somewhat hesitant English:

Are you football hooligans

They ( the Belgian youngsters) then doubled up in laughter.

I wonder if we can blame the UK’s Coalition Government? Hah hah!

As a final reflection, I will share that I did run the idea of teaching English in China across my wife – all part of our travel experience. Marilyn’s comment was “get real” or something similar:)

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