Why our Dave seems to be giving more importance to gay marriages than the middle-class pensioners’ best interests – John Gelmini

David Cameron

David Cameron (Photo credit: Nick Atkins Photography)

Yesterday, I asked the following question on my blog:

Why does our Dave seem to giving more importance to gay marriages than middle-class pensioners’ best interests?

Below is a comprehensive personal response from John A.Gelmini:

Do you agree with John or have a different view? Please share your views below.


David Cameron is already mentally in his new UN job and is simply marking time.

He wishes, like Tony Blair before him, to operate globally, so the concerns of Tory backbenchers and people like yourself or lifelong Conservatives like myself are irrelevant to the grand plan.

Long before David Cameron became Prime Minister he became a Bilderberger, so did Simon Hughes, Nick Clegg and George Osborne.

The key to understanding David Cameron or any of these people is to understand what the Bilderbergers have planned and what things were agreed to in secret, not what he said prior to the election and not what he tells us in this country or says in Parliament.

Margaret Thatcher’s downfall was set in motion by Heseltine and Sir Geoffrey Howe after her famous “No, No, No” speech in the House of Commons which was all about European integration. This was following a meeting on a ship when the Bilderbergers decided that she was to go because they wanted European integration to go ahead.

Kenneth Clarke, another Bilderberger and member of the Committee of 300, delivered the coup de grace and the rest is history.

David Cameron is a clever man and very telegenic but he is not a “conviction politician ” of Lady Thatcher‘s pedigree. He is rather a man who is cautious, does not stick his neck out and does not do serious confrontation.Rather he leaves all the really difficult things to others who came before him. He is what the Australians like to call a “bridger”–Someone who builds consensus  with constituencies that he believes will assist his objectives. But unlike a true bridger he  is prepared to ruthlessly discard constituencies and people who impede his over arching design.

Thus true conservatives over the age of 65 make up a voting bloc already in situ in the right Conservative seats, so he does not need to win them over but does need to get votes from gays, vacillating empty headed people who are floating voters who do not believe in anything, Guardian readers, people in the North, gays, lesbians ,Asian businessmen, agnostics, atheists, secular humanists, moderate white racists, the chattering classes and other non “Middlemarchers”. To get to them he needs to “detoxify” the Conservative brand and to do that he needs to be seen battling with his backbenchers, upsetting his right wing and making people like me apoplectic when I open the Daily Telegraph and read the latest piece of folly. This is why he “listened ” to the BMA and the medical profession rather than backing his minister Andrew Lansley, this is why he still lets Andrew Mitchell give our hard earned money to foreign countries when we have 15 million people out of work and are nearly bankrupt.

He listened to people who didn’t like Caroline Spellman’s perfectly reasonable plans for Forestry and he is buckling under pressure from those who want to reform the planning laws.

Like a four faced Janus with the ability to metamorphose into any shape rather like the liqid metal Terminator in the Terminator 2 film starring Arnold Schwarznegger, David Cameron says many different things to many different people whilst working out which people to pick a fight with and who to ingratiate himself with on that particular day, week or month.
His position is a difficult one but he achieves his objectives by compartmentalising  different sets of beliefs in much the same way I might select a particular suit, shirt and tie for a business meeting on Monday and then use a different one every working day for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

The pensioners in the squeezed middle were simply a form of tax on two legs and in any case they got an increased pension and get other financial benefits.

Also the man who took the flak was of course the Chancellor George Osborne, not “Call me Dave” now minus Rebeka Brooks’ police horse.

The purported reason for this is equal treatment and a fairer approach to the payment of inheritance tax which currently a gay man or lebian would have to pay in the event one of them died intestate.

Currently, on the death of one spouse, the survivor inherits the estate inheritance tax free in the event of intestacy so the gay lobby led by Sir Elton John,David Furnish and Peter Tatchell want gay marriage to occur.

This however is not the reason David Cameron wants this law to pass.

The real reason is a bigger agenda to raise taxes by raising the status of other more common relationships  such as heterosexual cohabiting couples to the point where they are almost the same as marriage.

Gays only represent 1 person in 90 in a population but heterosexuals represent 89 in 90.

Once gay marriage comes in, it will be followed by no fault divorce and new arrangements for cohabiting heterosexual couples who, as is the case in America, be deemed to own each other’s property after 6 months under the same roof as long as residency is established.

Following that or possibly at the same time will come a push for private Disability income cover and PHI with the Government picking up the uninsurable cases.

Then the coup de grace.

Eligibility for dole will become means tested as is incapacity benefit but this time they will take the value of your house into account as well as your capital.

Since these gay” married couples” and cohabiting heterosexuals will all own each other’s property none of them, unless they live in a council house will be entitled to dole and if the Australian example is followed on pensions, that as well.



Email: gelmini@btinternet.com

3 responses

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  2. I find it odd how little either of these opinions matter. Gay rights to me are an essential part of a civilized society – because you don’t share someone’s bedroom preference gives you no right to dictate how they live. I join with other commentators in supporting gay people’s right to be as miserable in marriage as the rest of us.

    Whereas the middle class pensioner is all take and no give. Today’s youth has the hardest future to look forward to in modern memory, massive student fees that pensioners didn’t pay, massive taxes for debts that they didn’t run up and weren’t responsible for, it’s going to be darn near impossible for many ever to buy a home given the ridiculous hyper-inflation of property in the past decades, oh and they get to pay many of those middle class pensions while they slave away under all these obligations.

    The real truth is that the tax break on the rich whilst robbing pensioners is the thing that people should be outraged about – but it’s much easier to deflect this onto gays when you vote tory.

    Cameron’s policy on gay people is adequate. His minor increase on the burden of middle class pensioners is fair. Shifting the obligations for sorting out the financial crisis from the rich to the young is obscene.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to respond. Your views are interesting but in my view this not about the relative rights of particular groups, this is about Prime Minister David Cameron and his advisers blatently courting potential marginal voters and deliberately snubbing the middle-class pensioners. I agree with you entirely that the real beneficiaries are the top 1%, viz. the wealthy.

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