Glut of doctors looms in NHS –

East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust

East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important news story from the FT. Check it out!

Glut of doctors looms in NHS –

In my mind, this is further evidence that David Cameron‘s economic policies are anchored too firmly to the chains of austerity, without effective policies for growth, investment and jobs.

Surely, it does not make sense for the UK state to pay for the education of doctors and then export them at the end of their training?

Is the UK going to become an exporter of people and rely upon exported graduates, professionals and scientists to send home a “few bob” every week to pay for their ageing families cut loose by the NHS, local authorities and the uncaring politicians currently in power?

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  1. It will be in the short term but we have to consider what doctors and the medical profession are for and what responsibility we have as citizens for trying to look after our own health better

  2. The “glut of doctors” was identified by McKinseys prior to 2010 and you may recall that the Government at David Cameron’s behest chose to shelve the report they produced on the NHS.

    The NHS is not a health service at all – it is a National Sickness Service which pretends to be the best in the world, raises false hopes and wastes money.

    At present GPs are paid on the basis of the size of their patient lists and since the NHS is supposed to be “free at the point of need”, doctors are inundated in their surgeries by people who should be taking responsibility for themselves but feel depressed and want to have someone to talk to.

    At least 50% of people in my doctor’s surgery are there for bogus reasons and this is repeated up and down the country.
    When it is the start of half term or a few days before a public holiday the surgery car park is full, the same applies immediately after a holiday as people try to extend their holidays by getting doctors notes stating that they are unfit to work.

    At all other times the car park is a sea of asphalt akin to the Gobi desert.

    The same can be observed all over the country it is not a peculiar event that just happens in Hertfordshire.
    Because most people in socio economic groups C1, C2, D and E do not eat properly, ingest too much junk food, become obese(our woman are the fattest in Western Europe and our men 4th fattest and getting fatter), fail to exercise enough, don’t get enough sleep and fail to take extra vitamins or antioxidants they get depressed, fall ill more frequently and require more medical treatment in later life.

    All this with the exception of food additives and the chemical Bisphenol A which is used to make plastic harder and causes cancer, infertility in men, gender bending (we have more gays in this country per head of population than other Western European countries), is self inflicted.

    However the NHS has to employ more doctors than is necessary to deal with these people and prescribe Prozac and Seroxat to deal with their depression caused by vitamin D deficiency as a direct result of drinking on an empty stomach.
    The NHS is thus faced with a population of people who think they have a divine right to immortality, elective treatments and surgery all for nothing whilst they abuse their bodies and minds by putting unhealthy food into it, eating at the wrong times, not exposing themselves to enough natural light and listening to pop music which contains backcasting and subliminal messages of an unpleasant and sometimes dangerous nature which progressively lowers IQ.

    The solution is more preventative medicine, the reintroduction of cooking lessons in schools and a reverse presumption when it comes to paying doctors.

    This means adopting the Chinese system which basically says to a doctor that:

    1) Here is your area containing a population of people most of whom, say 94% are well.

    2) Your job is to improve on that figure and if you do we will give you a bonus based on a sliding scale for good performance.

    3) If you maintain the status quo we will pay you your basic salary .

    4) If you underperform we will replace you unless there are very good reasons acceptable to us for that underperformance.

    This system would weed out those GPs with a poor bedside manner who couldn’t persuade people to change their lifestyle and reduce the need for so many doctors in the first place.

    As for medical student numbers this should be calibrated to precise need as should all other degrees.
    Singapore looks at how many chemists, doctors, engineers, teachers etc, which it needs and allocates University places on an as needed basis with an additional requirement for Mandarin prior to being allowed to apply in the first place.
    Our system of allowing everyone to study whatever they like is a recipe for disaster as more and more students undertake useless degrees or good ones without any regard for whether there will be employment at the end of it.
    The Government needs to implement this ASAP but knowing David Cameron’s caution I doubt that he has the cojones to start this conversation let alone finish it.

    The BMA and the medical profession as a whole are complicit in this racket and will go on pretending that no reform is needed.

    Andrew Lansley’s proposals were very mild and do address this fundamental issue yet “Call me Dave”, minus his police horse started meddling and “listening ” to the “medical professionals” because he and George Osborne became frightened at the scope of what Andrew Lansley was trying to do.

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