Are we still willing to play along with David Cameron’s pain game? – Telegraph Blogs

chapel of the Eton College, 2004-02-14. Copyri...

chapel of the Eton College, 2004-02-14. Copyright Kaihsu Tai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a must-read from Benedict Brogan, the Deputy Editor of the Telegraph newspaper. Check it out!

via Are we still willing to play along with David Cameron’s pain game? – Telegraph Blogs.

For the me, the article is spot-on. It talks again of omnishambles but for me the two best lines were:

Francis Maude’s ill-judged advice on keeping a spare jerry can in the garage encouraged the suspicion that we are in the hands of a bunch of rich idiots, and

Others worry that the entire Tory political effort is distorted by a dangerous complacency, namely that Mr Miliband will never persuade the electorate to make him prime minister. “We rely on focus groups and an assumption that Miliband is a joke. We shouldn’t,” one senior Cameroon says.

2 responses

  1. I agree with benedict brogan other than the reference to “we are all in this together”.

    We never were and never will be because we live in a deeply unequal society which is unlikely to change to a more ehgalitarian one any time soon.

    The government is guilty of one club golfing in that there is no strategy for:

    1)Growth and jobs other than a touching and naïve assumption that the private sector will create them

    2)An assumption that anyone believes the reasons advanced for our still remaining in Afghanistan

    3)An assumption that it is better not to reform things for fear of upsetting the public with difficult truths about our need to earn and sell our way out of trouble

    4)An assumption that the government and the civil servants know what is best for us even though they don’t

    5) An assumption that labour will keep the dysfunctional Ed Miliband in post and never replace him.

    In all these areas, David Cameron and his inner core think that flannel and obfuscation will see them through.

    This time, there has been a sea-change and these assumptions will be their undoing although the alternative is worse.

    • John, I broadly agree with you here.

      It’s about time that the Labour Party faced up to the fact that they chose the wrong Milliband. For me, it’s time for some of the big beasts in the Labour Party to start maneuvering behind the scenes – a bloodless coup would be best! Ed Milliband is a nice enough chap but he’s the wrong man and needs to go.

      Once Labour get their ducks in a row, I expect David Cameron’s government to get a seriously bloody nose.

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