Roman baths A-z Royal Mail stamp | This is Bath

Roman Baths, Bath, Somerset

Roman Baths, Bath, Somerset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is interesting news from the popular Twitter micro-blog @WeLoveBath. Check it out!

Roman baths A-z Royal Mail stamp | This is Bath.

I have lived in Bath for over twenty years, and recently took some visitors to the Roman baths – I’d thoroughly recommend it – not having been there for over ten years,  I was seriously impressed with how they had upgraded the whole experience of the visit.

Sadly, I have only got a few weeks left in Bath before I leave for overseas parts – I shall certainly miss Bath.

I’d rank Bath as one of the most attractive UK cities in which to live – schools are very good and it’s possible to commute to London or booming Bristol, but be warned real estate (property) prices in Bath are not cheap.

The Undisturbed Beauty of Myanmar – My Modern Metropolis

Map outlining the states and divisions of Myan...

Map outlining the states and divisions of Myanmar (formerly Burma). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting travel blog with some fantastic photos of Myanmar (Burma). Check it out!

The Undisturbed Beauty of Myanmar – My Modern Metropolis.

It’s interesting to talk of the “undisturbed beauty of Myanmar (Burma)”. I shall be in Myanmar (Burma) most of December and it seems to me that there is an explosion of interest in Myanmar (Burma). This week UK  Prime Minister David Cameron is there and recent visitors include UK Foreign Secretary,  William Hague and US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.

Also every major travel agent seems to be talking about  Myanmar (Burma) being the latest hot destination.

I wonder just how long Myanmar will stay undisturbed? When will the package tourists and cruises start arriving?

I suppose the debate is bigger than responsible travel, and with all the heavy-hitters visiting, there’s the politics of economic development, alliances and trade.

Do you have any views on what will happen in Myanmar in the next few years?