Roman baths A-z Royal Mail stamp | This is Bath

Roman Baths, Bath, Somerset

Roman Baths, Bath, Somerset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is interesting news from the popular Twitter micro-blog @WeLoveBath. Check it out!

Roman baths A-z Royal Mail stamp | This is Bath.

I have lived in Bath for over twenty years, and recently took some visitors to the Roman baths – I’d thoroughly recommend it – not having been there for over ten years,  I was seriously impressed with how they had upgraded the whole experience of the visit.

Sadly, I have only got a few weeks left in Bath before I leave for overseas parts – I shall certainly miss Bath.

I’d rank Bath as one of the most attractive UK cities in which to live – schools are very good and it’s possible to commute to London or booming Bristol, but be warned real estate (property) prices in Bath are not cheap.

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