Reply on Immigration – John Redwood MP

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Reply on Immigration.

For me the real question is as follows:

Is it time to tear up the Coalition Agreement in the UK national interest?

What do you think?

Cameron family fortune made in tax havens | Politics | The Guardian

David Cameron

UK prime minister Tony Blair in Osnabruck, Germany
UK prime minister Tony Blair in Osnabruck, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

………………….This is a very interesting article from the Guardian. Check it out!

Cameron family fortune made in tax havens | Politics | The Guardian.

It is interesting to reflect that the very wealthy have always had access to people like UK Prime Minister David Cameron‘s late father (a stock-broker). The hard-working professional classes put their faith and hard-earned savings into the likes of Equitable Life and then were promptly abandoned by the Government’s of the day. Other savers have been caught out too by the huge transaction charges of the Financial Services industry and again ignored by recent Governments. Sadly, the Financial Services Act and its resultant bureaucracy just added oil to the flames, in my view. Let’s not forget former Chancellor George Brown’s dawn raid on pension funds which arguably precipitated the present acute pension crisis. Of course, the real winners of this era were the home-owning classes that lived off the handouts from the state.

On the other hand, personally, I enjoyed seeing Tony Blair on Question Time, the other night. We commented, as usual, that Tony Blair was an excellent statesman – I should add that my wife and I are life-long Tory voters. Somehow, it seems to me that society was much fairer under Tony Blair.  

Sadly, it’s all very different with David Cameron’s leadership. As I have said many times on this blog, there are clear Winners and Losers in David Cameron’s Society. What is interesting and new is that backbench Tory MPs are now starting to getting really worried for their own skins.

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