Upper house: the case for Lords reform is undeniable | Observer editorial | Comment is free | The Observer

View of the House of Lords Chamber in the Pala...

View of the House of Lords Chamber in the Palace of Westminster, London, looking from the galleries towards the Throne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent editorial from the Observer/Guardian. Check it out!

Upper house: the case for Lords reform is undeniable | Observer editorial | Comment is free | The Observer.

Whilst, the is a good analysis, I am not sure that I am entirely comfortable agree with the conclusions, including:

The House of Lords is a closed political world in an increasingly open society in which citizen democracy and grassroots activism flourish, not least through social media. There is a danger that it will start to feel increasingly archaic in a world in which – as at the last European elections – the three main parties attracted around only half the votes cast. If Cameron is true to his radicalising roots about releasing power from the centre and to the people, then he has to support reform of the House of Lords.

What do you think?

Immigration – bit by bit people in the UK are being sold down the river on the basis of an agenda they did not vote for and still less understand|John Gelmini

Home Office

Home Office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Saturday, I re-blogged John Redwood MP’s blog on immigration which I found balanced and would broadly endorse. In response to my blog, I received the following personal view from John Gelmini which I am re-blogging below:

It makes very little difference to the levels of immigration whether the Coalition Agreement stays or goes.

We now have 66 million people living in the country when the ONS figures say that we have 61.5 million. The additional 4.5 million people are illegal immigrants using purchased NI numbers and fake papers supplied by snakeheads in China, Eastern European criminal gangs, Nigerian and Middle Eastern criminals and forgers on the Indian subcontinent who use the papers of deceased Indian doctors and others to create bogus identities for people who come into the UK. We know that this figure is broadly accurate because of the amount of food sold by supermarkets,the number of notes and coins in circulation and the number of children registered for education which far outstrips electoral roll figures held by councils for households.

This population overage is  at best 26.5 million too many people because the population that we as a country can actually support given our poor economic performance, lack of resources and poor exports is 35 million people.
This is not my figure but the Government’s secret figure derived from a survey commissioned by Harold MacMillan in 1953 into the optimum population for the UK.

Government actuaries and scientists reported secretly to that Prime Minister that the optimum population figure was 25 million people and at best it should be 35 million people.

After World War 2, even with all the casualties the population was 40 million people so MacMillan came up with the “Assisted Migration Programme” whereby our surplus population was “sold” to the Australian Government for £2,695 gbp per head and each migrant approved for entry into Australia was given £10 gbp in a blaze of publicity. From this came the expression “The ten pound Pom”.

The Home Office has been complicit in allowing this to happen for decades as the late Enoch Powell discovered when he identified how the Home Office statisticians were engineering out of existence from the immigration figures hundreds of thousands of people coming in from the Caribbean islands. It was complaining about this within Government as much as his much later “Rivers of Blood ” speech that caused his ejection from the Heath Government.

The EC which was conceived by the Bilderberg Group, after World War 2, is a precursor to the merger of many other “Unions” and to achieve it one must have free movement of goods, services and people.

The present Government is full of Bilderbergers (Cameron, Osborne, Simon Hughes, Nick Clegg etc.), so they are already signed up to the process as was the previous Government under Blair and then Brown (both Bilderbergers) along with the Prince of Darkness himself, Lord Mandelson.

Much of the immigration from non EU countries has been driven by the City, who need people from countries with a strong mathematical tradition such as Russia and India (our universities cannot meet the demand) and by agriculture where jobs which a few years ago were undertaken by migrant Poles, are now taken by Chinese, particularly around Kings Lynne in Norfolk.

Obviously, a bar to further European integration is much of the indigenous English population so the plan for them is to reduce their numbers and make them politically irrelevant.

This is being done in several ways:

1) Encouraging them not to marry, traducing Judeo Christian values and making it difficult for them to buy houses.
We have already seen calls for Sharia law, the creation of Caliphates and been told by a Minister, Lynne Featherstone, that “The church does not own marriage”. In addition, there has been legislation proposed by David Cameron for gay marriages(the subject of one of your recent blogs) and calls from Judges and others for new laws to level the legal status of heterosexual cohabiting couples with married couples and now most recently no fault divorce and new rules which would allow men to have babies rather than woman who would not need to be a part of the process.

The average age of an indigenous first-time buyer is now 40 whereas foreigners who save more and club together can achieve this in their 20’s and generally have larger families who in turn will repeat the process.

2) Not building houses, currently we have a shortage of 5.4 million houses, 9.9 if you count the illegal immigrants who the Home Office will never remove.

3) Offshoring many of the jobs they could do to the Far East thus forcing many to leave or simply die of stress.

4) Stopping them from reproducing by lowering their sperm count(ours is the lowest in Western Europe), through refusing to ban Bisphenol A which is used as a hardening agent in plastics, coats till rolls, is used in food packaging.
This substance also causes cancer, diabetes and is gender bending (We now have more gays per head of population than any other European country)

5) Encouraging devolution so that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland break away and become integrated components in a tighter European federation under de facto German control leaving England as a place where the replacement rate per indigenous heterosexual couple drops below 2.4  the race eventually becomes extinct and in the interim becomes a minority population in its own country as happened in Fiji where the population is now 92% Indian and 8% Fijian.
Bit by bit people in the UK are being sold down the river on the basis of an agenda they did not vote for and still less understand so Government Ministers if they are to stop this are going to have to do a lot more than give John Redwood meaningless assurances.