More than 100 new civil service roles with bigger salary than David Cameron – Telegraph

Danny Alexander MP addressing a Liberal Democr...

Danny Alexander MP addressing a Liberal Democrat conference in the Bournemouth International Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting read from the Telegraph. Check it out!

More than 100 new civil service roles with bigger salary than David Cameron – Telegraph.

Personally, I have very little time for Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander – he lacks the stature and experience for his critical ministerial post.

If I were advising David Cameron, I would suggest that he moves Danny Alexander to a less damaging post. Let’s face it, blanket austerity has failed. Also where are the results of the growth stimulation for the  Private Sector?

What do you think?

One response

  1. The fact that these roles exist at all is testament to the disgraceful waste of public money that the UK civil service and successive government ministers have been inflicting on the rest of us.
    This is in parallel with the MP’s spending more on expenses and on employing relatives than they ever did during the expenses scandal a few years ago.
    On top of that we have a parallel universe of outsourcing contracts and Big 4 consultancies presiding over expenditure which has risen from £12 billion GBP in 2010 to around £15.5 billion GBP today.
    Dr Alf is right to castigate Danny Alexander for allowing all this to happen but the “buck” if it stops anywhere should belong on David Cameron’s desk.
    Once asked why he wanted to be Prime Minister ,this sorry excuse for a Conservative once said “Because I thought I’d be rather good at it”.
    To quote the dreaded Miliband,”we can do better than this”,because are we really saying that the present crop of MP,s,government ministers and civil servants with their noses collectively in the feeding trough of public money are the best we can do?
    Danny Alexander is a symptom of a greater malaise in this country which is that the more useless you are,the blinder you are to the fleecing of the taxpayer,the more arrogant you are and the more out of touch you are,the more likely you are to get promotion,preferment and high office.
    One day the chickens will come home to roost but not before Dr Alf gets a lot older in his Cypriot lair in between lots more travel.

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