Asian shares slide after French election –

[Opera House staircase, Paris, France] (LOC)

[Opera House staircase, Paris, France] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

This is an interesting article from the FT. Check it out!

Asian shares slide after French election –

Personally, I sense that the financial markets will put France on the ropes even before President Hollande is sworn in to office. With a socialist, anti-austerity manifesto, markets will struggle to reconcile this with France’s weak financial and competitive positions. I fear we shall see France quickly linked with the Med countries of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The election of a French Socialist President will also pose a problem for Angela Merkel who may well be the next major politician to fail on the word of too much austerity.

What do you think?

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  1. Like dominoes they fall.The chaos caused by corrupt bankers, greed and credit continues its cancer like spread claiming lives as it goes.
    We need a new system a new way of thinking but I fear before we reach that point we will have to suffer a worsening of the situation.

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