Germany Vs. China in Bratislava

Topography of Europe, with Danube marked red

Topography of Europe, with Danube marked red (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday morning we made a special effort to have an early breakfast to avoid the two groups that we had spotted the previous evening. Well actually, they were hard to miss, one large group of elderly Germans, and the second, a slightly larger group of similarly aged, Taiwanese Chinese. The Chinese were a really lively bunch and a lot of fun, so they easily contrasted with the Germans. The Chinese were full of characters, including the man in the face mask sitting in the hotel lounge – he wasn’t taking any chances!

Well to our horror the two groups got to breakfast before us. We couldn’t see the masked man but perhaps he needed to remove his mask to eat? Anyway, roles seemed to be reversed with elderly German ladies taking precedence. There was one lady who was picking her favorites out of the fruit salad totally ignoring the large group of people behind her – we couldn’t really say it was a queue, a bit of a free for all…

Anyway, we soon put breakfast behind us and left a surprisingly cold Bratislava for Budapest. We got the directions wrong and crossed the Danube a couple of extra times but it was a lovely view, anyway….

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