Boxed n by three trams and a crowd – Zaagreb, Croatia…

Crotram TMK 2200 tram (#2237) in Zagreb, Croat...

Crotram TMK 2200 tram (#2237) in Zagreb, Croatia. Built 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The journey from Budapest to Zagreb, Croatia by car was pretty uneventful until we reached the centre of Zagreb.

Satnav got us out of Budapest onto the motorway/freeway quite easily. It was sunny but cold when we left Budapest at around ten in the morning. We struggled a bit choosing the right lane coming off the bridge crossing the River Danube into Buda and the impatient traffic behind were honking their horns. The Hungarian country-side was attractive but the drive a little tense because of extreme cross winds.

We were surprised to have to show our passports three times, crossing from Hungary into Croatia. The last time we had shown our passports was Dover, UK, nearly three weeks earlier, despite visiting France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. We then remembered that Croatia was not yet part of the EU, although this is planned for 2013. Anyway, the Croatian countryside was surprisingly beautiful.

The suburbs of Zagreb reminded us of Prague and the twenty years of Communism, with drab, poorly designed and maintained buildings in every direction. Suddenly, we were in the centre of Zagreb which is quite beautiful, looking for our hotel. The Satnav did not tell us that it was a pedestrian only street apart from the trams.

After a number of attempts to reach our hotel, we decided to go in the opposite direction to the SatNav instruction and found ourselves stationery in Zagreb’s main square, behind a tram, with another tram behind us and a third to our left going in the other direction and to our horror we realised that ours was the only four-wheel vehicle on the street! To our right were hundreds of people queuing to get on the tram and staring at us at the same time, either because we were not supposed to be there or because our car is a right hand drive, however, they found both situations quite amusing – not sure that we did at the time!