The rich have to recycle their money -John Redwood MP

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a brilliant article from Conservative MP, John Redwood which I thoroughly recommend. Check it out!

The rich have to recycle their money.

I fully agree with John Redwood and have told him so on his blog. What do you think?

Definitely no more dumplings please…

Central Europe, according to Alice F. A. Mutto...

Central Europe, according to Alice F. A. Mutton in Central Europe. A Regional and Human Geography, 1961 ( (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Zagreb, Croatia, we thought that we were eating Croatian pasta but the waiter described it as “home-made Croatian dumplings” – it was an accompaniment to some excellent beef.

It’s interesting to observe that in Central Europe, the “dumpling belt” seems to wider than the “schnitzel and goulash belt”! Of course, the excellent Central European dumplings are nothing like those of childhood memories and school dinners.

Anyway, yesterday we arrived in Venice and sampled some excellent fish, and where we know that the pasta is the real thing. Finally, no more dumplings 🙂